Anonymous Network King of Cobra (KCB) "Jungle Plan" node campaign is about to start

The King of Cobra (KCB) will launch the Jungle Program global super-node campaign. KCB will use 0.1% of the total tokens as an ecological reward, rewarding community maintenance and holders and nodes. The “Jungle Plan” will be launched in the near future and is currently in the preparatory stage. At that time, specific plans will be announced in the community, and dozens of communities have already signed up.
KCB is a new generation of anonymous network, which combines security, anonymity and scalability to achieve privacy protection and capacity scalability. It uses blockchain technology to implement anonymous underlying protocols from the network layer to the application layer. Centralized consensus, smart contracts, zero-knowledge proof, and hybrid network technology to create a new anonymous network. Different from the improvement of existing anonymous projects, it flexibly supports all anonymous projects on the market, and promotes the development of anonymous ecology through a decentralized platform. KCB first launched the BRFEE exchange, and successively launched BKEX and QBTC, and is expected to land on a number of well-known exchanges in the near future.