Analysis: EOS's high scalability, low latency and other advantages are more conducive to building enterprise-level financial products

On April 14th, officially forwarded the article in Venturebeat, "Why are we building our blockchain business at EOS instead of Ethereum?" Satya Avala, co-founder and chief technology officer of Ampersand Markets and former engineering director of Yahoo Finance, said that in order to build enterprise-level financial products using blockchains with high scalability and low latency, we chose EOS. The reasons are as follows: 1. EOS TPS is higher than ETH; 2. EOS is highly scalable, developers can extend the platform without any impact on users; 3. EOS provides powerful permissions and governance structure; 4. EOS block The transaction cost of the chain is cheaper than ETH, which means that the profit rate can be improved. 5. EOS's smart contract development is done using the C++ language.