Anti-human trafficking experts urge the US Congress to regulate cryptocurrencies

According to CoinDesk, David Murray, vice president of product development and services at Financial Integrity Network, advised Congress to create a new financial institution to supervise at the US International Security and International Trade and Finance Subcommittee (part of the US Senate Banking Committee) today. Encrypt the miners. He believes that miners must at least manage who can participate in the network and review any issuers, exchanges or custodians they serve. According to the Bank Secrecy Act, Encrypted Mining is currently not regulated, “but if they are included in the “Bank Secrecy Act”, the encrypted miners may become the gatekeepers of the virtual asset system. Two other expert witnesses at the Subcommittee’s hearing Nebraska’s Attorney General Douglas Peterson and Nebraska Senator Julie Slama also mentioned the use of cryptocurrencies in human trafficking in their prepared speeches.