Hunan Daily: Blockchain audit mode greatly improves efficiency and saves time and energy

According to the Hunan Daily, the blockchain, as a disruptive technology, is being accelerated in all walks of life. Blockchain mode is applied to big data auditing and integration with big data auditing, called blockchain auditing mode. This model was initiated by the Audit Bureau of Xiangtan City, Hunan Province, and was approved by the National Audit Office. It has been applied in the “Four Medicines” audit in the past two years and achieved good results. The biggest advantage of this model is that it can realize the central node's control over the overall situation and direction of the auditing business, as well as advanced functions such as blockchain free communication, information transparency sharing, consensus decision-making, etc., and project tracking management, legal system trial, Disciplinary supervision, soliciting the opinions of the units under review, etc., are simultaneously incorporated into the audit business process, facilitating the development of related businesses and synchronous communication with the audit team. The information of each node is completely symmetrical, which greatly improves efficiency and saves time and energy.