Mining machine company microcomputer technology: Grin mining machine will be shipped in October, it is expected that the total network computing power of Grin will increase significantly

The mining machine company Zhejiang Microcomputer Technology Co., Ltd. yesterday announced that its Grin Asic mining machine G1 PLUS and G1 MINI testing and product supply chain management was carried out smoothly. The core components and IP of the chip have been successfully produced. The first batch of Grin mining machines It will be shipped as scheduled in October. Zhejiang Microcomputer Technology expects that the G1 PLUS mining machine has already won three times the current global mining machine orders. With the delivery of this batch of mining machines, from the end of October, the total network computing power of Grin will increase significantly. According to the public information query, Zhejiang Microcomputer Technology was jointly founded by Kong Jianping, Chairman of the Mining Machinery Company, Jia Nan, and the founding partner of Bisheng Capital and Sun Qifeng, the director of Jianan Zhizhi.