After the Bell chain crashes, it is suspected that the new disk will be restarted.

One of the largest funds in the history of the currency circle, the Bell Chain, has ushered in a recent collapse.

Since the end of July, a number of "games" under the Bell Chain have stopped mining output, and investor income has stagnated.

On August 30th, Bell Chain CEO Vincent posted a long article on Weibo, officially announcing that all game production will be shut down.

"The Bell chain is running." The investors who realized all of this have established a series of rights groups. However, the Bell Chain project has started a new harvesting game.

A new project called "Tepleton" was born. This new project, suspected of being built by the Bell Chain team, has thrown out the "cross-chain" and "quantitative" gimmicks and re-swinged the sickle.

The memory of leek is often only three seconds. Investors who were still complaining about the project a few minutes ago were once again prepared to devote themselves to the fund.

01 suspected to run

The Bell chain crashed.

On the evening of August 30th, Bell Chain CEO Vincent posted a long article on Weibo, officially announcing that it will shut down the BRC (Bell Chain Token) output of all the games in the Bell Chain. "Thank you for your company."

Taking the game as a scorpion, the Bell chain with the banner of “high-yield, 100-day return” has declared the end of the model.

"In the currency circle, publishing such an article is equivalent to publicly telling everyone: 'We are running.'" Bell chain investor Li Wenlin told a blockchain.

In fact, this situation has long been a sign.

Take the game "super rich" on the Bell chain as an example. The rule is: players can recharge ETH to get gold coins, gold coins can upgrade buildings; and the higher the building, the more BRCs are dug.

But a month before the announcement of the Bell Chain CEO, many games on the Bell chain, including the “super rich,” stopped producing coins.

Since August, in the Weibo comment area of ​​Bell Chain CEO Vincent, angry investors have been constantly questioning: “When will the Bell Chain resume mining?”

"A stop is a big month and a half, postponing back to this cycle. I hope that we can dig coins quickly, we have to repay the loan." An investor commented.

The high return that once made many players enter the market at any cost. The player who invests in the Bell chain by loan is far more than one.

According to AOFEX exchange data, the BRC price fell all the way after reaching a high of 127 yuan on July 9 this year. As of September 2, its price was only 12.3 yuan.

This means that in less than two months, the BRC price has fallen by 90.3% from the highest point.

BRC price chart

"I invested 130,000 yuan to build a full-scale building. In the end, I only retired more than 3,000 BRCs, plus 1000 BRCs that were dug up before the production was stopped, and I lost more than half of them." Li Wenlin said.

"The Bell chain is over." This has become a consensus in the official Chinese group of Telegram in the Bell chain.

Ray, one of the founders of the Bell Chain, and the chief framer, denied the idea of ​​“running the road”. Regarding the loss information of defenders circulating on the Internet, he said that “it does not meet the situation of team verification”.

On August 31, the Bell Chain announced that it will shut down all BRC outputs in the game, and as a compensation, players will receive a one-time gain.

In an interview with Honeycomb Finance, Ray said that due to the one-time release of the bonus from the Bell chain, the market has caused selling, and investors will inevitably have a lack of confidence. "But this is a step in the Bell's 'de-patterning' process," Ray said.

At the same time, in order to appease the emotions of the victims of the Bell chain, the project side raised the BRC price in a short time.

From 22:00 on August 31 to 15:00 on September 2, within two days, the BRC rose from 4 yuan to 13 yuan, a 225% increase.

"Now I only sell the BRC in the handle price, or lose more." Li Wenlin told a blockchain.

02 rights

Interestingly, in history, investors in the Bell chain often do not care about the price fluctuations of the BRC. In the currency circle, they appear to be exceptionally "Buddha".

The reason is that for most of the investors in the Bell chain, the “inner disk” users (ie game players such as “super rich”), the rise and fall of the BRC will not affect its revenue.

Take the “super rich” game as an example. Its daily coin production amount is related to the BRC price, but the total amount of actual coin production is linked to ETH – assuming the ETH currency price does not change, if the BRC price increases, the investor produces the coin amount. Reduce; if the price of BRC falls, the amount of coins produced by investors will also increase.

This means that regardless of the price of the BRC, the actual income and return period of the investor are fixed. Even the BRC fell worse, and investors are more likely to gain revenue through the BRC rise in the future.

Even if the price of the currency has been falling for several months, the constant and high static income of the internal market has caused the investors of the Bell Chain to ignore the changes in the external environment.

At the same time, the large number of selling caused by the liquidation of internal investors further aggravated the decline in the price of coins.

Since July, the price of the Bell chain has been shown to be lower, and the collapse is only a matter of time.

The Bell Chain said that after shutting down all BRC outputs in the game, players will receive a one-time gain as compensation.

However, a number of Bell Chain investors expressed a blockchain, and now the "super rich" "Global City" game under the Bell Chain has been unable to open, and they are not able to know whether they have obtained the so-called "one-time gain".

The irritated Bell Chain investors have set up rights groups.

A screenshot of a community chat called "Bell Chain Response Group" shows that in this group, there are more than a dozen victims with a loss of one million.

A blockchain is linked to one of the investors. He confirmed that his personal investment amount and amount of losses were consistent with the screenshot information.

Alarms, find the line, find the project side, find the media… Investors want to do their best to defend their rights.

However, like countless currency rights groups, most rights groups have no substantive leaders. Soon, the group of friends from the way of thinking, mutual comfort to each other to complain, accuse, speculation and rumors are also more and more.

On September 2nd, almost all of the Bell Chain rights groups were circulated the same photo – "Because of the heavy losses, a certain Bell chain superior was cut off by the lower class."

Soon, some netizens pointed out that this is just a news picture of a divorce litigation dispute, and has nothing to do with the Bell Chain.

Angry investors still need to vent their exports, and “cheating their legs” has become the slogan they accuse the dealer, the trader and the superior.

In a Bell chain rights group, group friends ridicule "cheating legs"

However, the memory of amaranth is often only three seconds.

03 new sickle

“The Bell Chain team didn’t run, it just gave up the Bell chain and started a new project.” A former Bell chain employee said to a blockchain.

It is speculated that the next project of the Bell Chain team is Tepleton, and the Chinese name is "Dimpton."

The main information site of the Bell Chain "" has deleted all the contents related to the Bell Chain and renamed it "Tepleton Templeton Information Station".

On September 2, Tepleton held its first press conference in Singapore. Many Bell Chain investors pointed out that the guests of this conference are mostly the core figures of the Bell Chain.

A new sickle has already been swayed.

Recently, a Tepleton white paper circulating in various Bell Chain communities shows that this is a blockchain project with “cross-chain” and “AI quantitative trading” as its selling point.

Tepleton's official website does not support Chinese, nor does it provide downloads of Chinese white papers. Its Chinese white paper claims to be translated by community volunteers. However, it is interesting to note that in this Chinese white paper, there are many “exclusive” content that are not found in English white papers.

For example, the Tepleton Chinese white paper introduces a quantitative investment product called “Alpha CTA Arbitrage Phase I”, which is expected to have an annualized rate of return of 58.66%. It is expected that it will become the first "pattern" after Tepleton goes online.

In addition, there are three products with an expected annualized yield of between 12% and 35%.

Quantitative financial project introduced by Tepleton Chinese white paper

In the English white paper, the specific figures for the annualized rate of return of these products have been mosaiced.

“Transporting arbitrage, quantitative trading, and depositing interest rates are the three most common gimmicks for the currency circle project,” said Sun Yuan, a researcher at the blockchain.

Compared to the Bell chain with the game as the scorpion, Tepleton's choice of the routine is not a lottery.

"The bell chain team's trading ability is very strong, the entire plate has been maintained for nearly a year, if replaced by other traders, it may have collapsed." Bell chain investor Ge Jianmu said.

In his opinion, every game on the Bell chain represents a model. In the currency circle, it is very difficult for many teams to make a model. Like the Bell Chain, there are only a handful of projects that can attract investors to re-invest or even lock positions by launching multiple games (models).

"This is also the reason why many Bell Chain investors still want to bet on Tepleton even if they suffer heavy losses." Ge Jianmu said.

In a Bell chain rights group, when an investor mentions Tepleton, the group is once again buzzing.

“When is the opening?” “What model is this?” People asked.

Beyond Tepleton, where will the Bell Chain after the “Go Mode” be announced?

Bell chain CEO Vincent said in an open letter that in the second half of 2019, the goal of the Bell Chain is to create a game chain, leading the arrival of blockchain game 3.0.

"We have a responsibility to keep our mind, to protect all trust and investment, and to protect the long-term healthy and orderly development of the industry. For this reason, we will even do whatever it takes," Vincent wrote in an open letter.

Investors are not paying for such remarks. "The fund can't go on the road, but it can also wash the white team into the team's initial heart and do business. If you have a thick face, you will say this." Someone said.

"The Bell Wheel's Angel Wheel, the exchange ratio of ETH and BRC is 1:6000. When the price is the highest, 6000BRC is equivalent to 700,000 RMB." Bell chain employees said to a blockchain, "Now, the team has already earned enough With money, it is time to develop a new project to continue cutting the leek."

Ge Jianmu, who claims to be "small and rewarding" on the Bell chain, said he would not participate in the new project of Tepleton.

"The leek is the most fragrant of the head lice. Tepleton wants to cut the second leeks, and certainly will not take the long line to catch big fish like the Bell chain," he said.

From PlusToken to the Bell Chain, the fund disk project is endless.

However, even the most professional traders can't avoid the end of the capital collapse.

"When you enter the fund disk, you have already lost. Making money is the banker's charity, losing money is the normal state." Ge Jianmu said.

* Some of the respondents in the text are pseudonyms.

Source: a blockchain

Author: Ratchet Pisa