The volume of trading has not been significantly enlarged, and the rebound is suspected to be more attractive.

Today is a day worth more than a few years. The market is running smoothly and still in the rebound structure. The trading volume has been enlarged compared with the previous trading day. In fact, the rise and fall of the whole market mainly depends on the two big leading targets, and other currencies are basically All of them are following these two targets. Before the two targets have not got rid of the downward trend, the market as a whole is still not optimistic. Regarding the next ups and downs, we must continue to observe and observe whether Bitcoin can continue to increase. Observe whether BNB can stand back to the low point of the previous period. These are the signals that can reflect the strength of the market. In my opinion, I did not have a bottom-hunting in this round. I personally feel that the rebound here seems to have a lot of suspicion. Because I didn't see a panic disk leaving at all. If it is a dishwashing, it seems that the meaning has not been reached. So why should we enter the market at this time? No one can be right every time, that is God is not a person, frequent entry and exit will only increase their turnover rate, so I choose to continue to wait and see.


After the BTC station returned to the 5 antennas, two small-volume Zhongyang lines were pulled out continuously. The transaction volume was slightly enlarged compared with the previous one. The volume was temporarily matched. It is possible to observe whether the volume can continue to be released. Volume continues to match, the target may re-test the pressure of 11,000 US dollars, I personally did not change the view, the mid-term is still bearish, personally think that this is just a round trip inside the triangle, it will soon reach the upper dense In the transaction area, it is difficult for this volume to form an effective breakthrough for this convergence triangle. The target will be re-adjusted after breaking below 10,000 USD. The current trend is a total correction for the entire increase this year. The current correction rate is 0.5. Nearby, so will continue to explore the support near 0.618, according to the measurement algorithm, the next target of the target is around 7200-7500 US dollars, here is also a transaction-intensive area, the interval has a certain support Strength.


ETH failed to pull out the second Yangxian line, and the volume was not obvious compared with the previous day. We still maintain the previous view. The attention paid is not high enough to compare with the BTC. The target does not stand above $185. Intensive trading area, so the counter-pumping space of the target is limited, and the cautious participation is good. The fundamentals of the target are even more unable to support its large-scale rebound. Therefore, it is expected that the target will be further explored. Staring at Bitcoin, the next strong support for the target is around $150, combined with the trend of Bitcoin. If there is a heavy volume or a small position at this point, I have not seen it at this point. Bottom the signal, wait patiently.


BNB also failed to follow the BTC to pull out the second Yangxian line, and the trading volume has shrunk. According to the current signs, the current target of the target is not much, the overall volume of the market is shrinking, the funds are more cautious, this round of The rebound is only a counter-pumping confirmation that the previous low of 24 US dollars was broken. At present, the anti-dumping seems to have ended. I personally think that the target will further explore and seek support. We still maintain the medium-term adjustment judgment and measure the decline according to the measure. It is estimated that the target may be effectively supported around $18. If there is a small increase in the amount of $18, I will consider the small position to bottom out, which does not constitute a suggestion and pays attention to the risk.

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