A-share blockchain concept stocks "interim examination" handed over: some profits of several hundred million yuan, and some received a million subsidies

The A-share “Interim Examination” ended and the performance of various industries was mixed. Choice data shows that among the 86 A-share blockchain concept stocks, a total of 43 stock-related companies mentioned “blockchain” in the semi-annual report, 21 of which not only mentioned blockchain technology, but also specific Floor application.

The listed companies that mentioned the blockchain words in the semi-annual report performed very differently. After extensive research, the reporter found that its blockchain business has a net profit of several hundred million yuan, some have received millions of government subsidies, and some companies have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in investment, and some companies are committed to working with banks to conduct business. .

Some companies have received millions of subsidies for blockchain projects

According to Choice data, among the 86 A-share blockchain concept stocks, 43 stock-related companies mentioned the blockchain in their earnings reports. In terms of blockchain, these companies have outstanding performances, some receive government subsidies, some make extra investments, and some “sparks” with banks.

Compared with many companies that have not yet applied, the easy-to-see shares can be said to be a ride. In the 2019 semi-annual report, Yijian shares disclosed the financial data of its holding company Khorgos Easy Blockchain Commercial Factoring Co., Ltd. In the first half of 2019, the company realized operating income of about 358 million yuan, achieving net profit. About 250 million yuan.

In terms of the application of blockchain technology, Yijian shares is committed to the diversity of application scenarios of “blockchain+supply chain business”, and uses trusted data pools, trusted warehouses and easy-to-see blocks as the innovation focus of technology research and development. Among them, the trusted warehouse solves the problem of inventory financing security supervision through the combination of Internet of Things + blockchain technology.

Yuanguang Software disclosed the business share of blockchain and artificial intelligence. In the report period, blockchain and artificial intelligence revenue was about 16.26 million yuan, accounting for 2.57% of operating income, up 393.61% year-on-year. The company accelerated the layout of blockchain and artificial intelligence industry, product promotion, and contributed to the development of blockchain and artificial intelligence application projects.

In addition, some companies are moving further and further on the road of additional investment.

Xinhu Zhongbao has invested an additional 324 million yuan in Hangzhou Fun Chain Technology Co., Ltd., and in conjunction with its application, United Love Life has launched a blockchain-based SME credit insurance credit enhancement platform.

In addition, Keda shares increased investment in Beijing Keda Zhonglian Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. for 4.95 million yuan during the reporting period.

Although companies have not yet demonstrated blockchain performance, they have received millions of government subsidies.

Yuanguang Software disclosed the government subsidy project, based on the research and application of the trusted cloud service infrastructure based on blockchain technology. The new subsidy was 2 million yuan in this period; Huadian Holdings won the “Reconstruction of the World 2018 Blockchain New Economy Hangzhou Summit” City-level subsidy is 1 million yuan; Sichuan Changhong also announced the subsidy for blockchain projects, and the new subsidy for the development of smart home appliance security system based on blockchain technology is 1 million yuan.

There is also a blockbuster business with the bank.

In the report period, Xinchen Technology completed the customer information sharing system based on blockchain technology of a large financial group, and implemented a supply chain project based on blockchain technology of a joint-stock bank.

Xinhu Zhongbao's shareholding company's interesting chain technology helped Zheshang Bank successfully launch its first blockchain-based receivables platform in China, with a total issued amount of more than 170 billion yuan;

The new generation of technology platforms and products independently developed by Huasoft Technology, including the open banking platform QloudOBP and the distributed application platform QloudDAP, all adopt new generation information technologies such as cloud computing, big data, blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Huang Runzhong, secretary-general of the Internet Finance Alliance of small and medium-sized banks, told the reporter of "Daily Economic News" that the rapid development of financial technology not only drives the transformation of traditional financial institutions' marketing, customer acquisition and service models, but also drives the transformation of the mid- and back-office business. Business model to strategic layout, fully empowering traditional financial institutions. From early electronic transactions to the Internet and Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, big data, technological innovation is constantly changing the financial industry landscape and boosting the development of the financial industry. At the same time, the financial sector The huge application scenarios themselves also provide the soil for the evolution of financial technology.

21 companies announced the application of blockchain

According to the incomplete statistics of the "Daily Economic News" reporters, 21 of the listed companies corresponding to the 86 A-share blockchain concept stocks not only mentioned the blockchain technology in the semi-annual report, but also announced the specific application areas. .

The reporter noted that in the interim report disclosed, the application of blockchain technology covers all aspects.

Shenzhen Datong is involved in the “media ecological chain field”. It stated in the financial report that during the reporting period, the company's main business was mobile digital integrated marketing services, online and offline new media operations, supply chain management and service business, and began to lay out the media ecological chain field based on blockchain technology. The field of private capital. In addition, it also cooperated with Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications to develop the “Datong Trusted Alliance Chain”, which aims to effectively reduce network false traffic and advertising fraud by using blockchain technology.

Donggang shares and Guangdian Express are involved in “blockchain electronic ticket” and “blockchain electronic invoice”. Among them, on March 18, Guangdian Express helped the country's first rail transit blockchain electronic invoice to be opened at the Shenzhen Metro Futian Station.

Anne's shares are involved in the "copyright" field, and "blockchain technology" is listed as a core competitiveness. The company said that the "copyright home" platform takes the form of a coalition chain, and the copyright blockchain system makes full use of the technical characteristics of the blockchain that cannot be tampered with, and objectively records the copyright information of the work.

Hang Seng Electronics is involved in the field of “supply chain finance” and has signed a blockchain business and local financial risk supervision cooperation agreement with Ant Financial Innovation Technology Division and Regulatory Technology Division.

In addition, Monternet Group is involved in the field of "communication anti-fraud", Yuanguang Software is involved in the field of "blockchain logistics traceability", and Selis is involved in the field of "electronic medical records".

Guohai Securities said that 2019 is the first year of blockchain commercial use. First, blockchain technology has matured in terms of performance, ease of use, and operability, and can support large-scale commercial applications. Second, blockchain laws, regulations, and regulatory systems are gradually improved, and filing is beneficial to the blockchain industry. The overall development is the first step in the standardization of blockchain technology. More and more enterprises can apply in a formal way. The research report said that optimistic about the blockchain is the first in the supply chain finance, copyright protection, legal deposits and other applications, optimistic about the independent and controllable blockchain platform technology service providers.

It is worth mentioning that although some of the blockchain businesses of some enterprises have made good results in the current round of the test, the difficulty of landing the blockchain has always been a difficult problem facing the industry.

Lu Yifan, general manager of the financial account-passing blockchain business department, told the reporter of "Daily Economic News" that the main reason for the difficulty of landing the blockchain is that the simple blockchain technology can't solve the problem of "smart contract needs data, but no organization. Will actively take the initiative to share data with you" this core contradiction.

Lu Yifan further explained that it is difficult for enterprises to balance the contradiction between data privacy and data sharing in practice. In addition, the computing power and transaction performance of blockchain are insufficient, which leads many enterprises to have no power to link, and to some extent, the blockchain application is constrained. Landing. So-called privacy protection schemes such as chaining, hash value chaining, and asymmetric encryption are essentially recreating data islands. After adopting these so-called privacy protection schemes, blockchain technology will lose its core value.

Source: Daily Economic News

Every reporter, Pan Ting, edited by Liao Dan

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