Data observation: Ethereum DApp ecology begins to recover

There are indications that Ethereum, which has been behind for a long time, is beginning to recover.

DAppTotal data shows that Ethereum has officially surpassed TRON since August 9th, and reached 84,000 on September 2, which is higher than the pre-history in May 2018 and is currently second only to EOS.

(Source DAppTotal)
On the daily trading volume of DApp, starting on August 12, Ethereum began to lead in comparison with the trend of EOS and TRON daily trading volume, although the number of Ethereum transactions was less than one tenth of the two major public chains . However, this also proves that Ethereum has the absolute advantage of a single transaction amount, and Ethereum users have a higher net worth.

(Source DAppTotal)
In addition, the data also shows that EOS DApps robots and fake transactions are more, the active users and the total amount of only 0.7:1, the total amount of real and transaction is only about 1:2.

(Source DAppTotal)

The true amount and total amount of ETH in active users, transaction volume, and transaction volume are both 1:1, and the gold content is higher.

First, the Ethereum counterattack

Due to price and network issues, Ethereum has been questioned for more than a year.

The stable currency has become an important promoter of the Ethereum ecological recovery.

The data shows that due to the obvious advantages of Ethereum transfer, the daily trading volume and daily trading volume of ERC20-USDT chain have exceeded OMNI-USDT in the past three weeks. The supply and demand of USDT market began to move from OMNI (bitcoin) network to ERC20 (Ethereum). ) Network offset.

As the largest currency in the global stable currency market, as of September 2, USDT's ERC20 circulation has accounted for more than 39% of the total, accounting for 30% of all stable currency market capitalization. However, at the beginning of the year, this figure was only about 2%.

Tether officials have said that after the ETF20's USDT issuance, it will destroy the same amount of USDT in omni, which means that USDT will complete the big move in the future and will be based on the Ethereum network. Previously, mainstream exchanges including P-network, fire currency, and currency security also announced support for ERC20-USDT's replenishment currency, which accelerated the promotion and use of ERC20-USDT.

(Source DAppTotal)

In addition, PAX, GUSD and other stable currency projects based on ERC20 issued, the stable currency under the ERC20 agreement gradually occupied the dominant position in the market.

It is conceivable that Ethereum will become the largest stable currency distribution platform in the future, which can almost guarantee the life cycle of Ethereum to be extended and survive more easily than competitors.

Second, DeFi's power

On the total amount of DApp, Ethereum is still in the dominance of the industry.

(Source DAppTotal)