Exclusive | Central bank officials first started the app to explain Libra and central bank digital currency

On the morning of September 4th, a message broke the circle of friends. Mu Changchun, deputy director of the Department of Payment and Settlement of the People's Bank of China, started the course “Technology Finance Frontier: Libra and Digital Currency Outlook” on “Getting App”. According to the introduction, the course consists of six parts, as shown below:


Why choose to launch Libra, DC/EP related courses at this point in time? Mu Changchun tells the reason for the start of the course in the issue of "The Journal | Digital Currency: You Must Know the New Variables in the Financial World ", he said.

"The world's attention to digital currency over the years, you may have vaguely already felt, from the beginning of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and recently, large institutions like Morgan and Goldman Sachs have begun to lay out their own digital currency. However, No digital currency like Libra can cause tensions in the entire currency and financial world. After the Libra white paper was released, it was said that it could become a global digital currency, and others said it would compete with Alipay and WeChat. Regulators and central banks have clearly opposed it, and others have begun to try to study it, including France and Japan, and have set up special working groups to study how to deal with this matter. As a digital currency or crypto assets The researcher, as a central banker at the same time, I also think this matter is very important. Shortly after the release of the Libra white paper, I decided to launch a class about Libra."

The App product manager said in an interview with the Babbit reporter that this is the first time that a central bank official has started a course on the App and has been invited by the App. She said that the course took less than a month to produce, and its speed is rare. It shows that the central bank has been studying the matter so much, and the concept of China's digital currency is mature. Mu Changchun commented under the course:

“I did this course in August 2019, and it’s not too far away from the launch of our own digital currency by the People’s Bank of China. Our digital currency project is called DCEP (Digital Currency Electronic Payment), which is digital currency and Electronic payment tools."

It is reported that on August 10, at the China Financial Forty Forum, Mu Changchun said that after five years of research, the central bank's digital currency can be said to be " calling out." He also introduced the design concept and technical framework of the central bank's digital currency. Since then, discussions among the community on China's central bank digital currency (DC/EP) have been heard. Some people speculate that "calling out" means that the central bank's digital currency may be launched this year; some people think that the introduction of the central bank's digital currency will bring a bull market for digital currencies such as bitcoin; others are puzzled, what is the central bank's digital currency and Alipay, WeChat payment? the difference? However, the central bank’s digital currency, as a national-level social project, is more complex than ordinary people’s imagination. In the case of uncertain monetary policy, unknown pilot effect, and zero public awareness, the “out of the box” may be more technically prepared for the central bank’s digital currency. This time, Mu Changchun launched the Libra and digital currency courses. The beginning of science popularization can also be seen as a prelude to the central bank's digital currency. It is understood that Mu Changchun will donate all his proceeds in this class to the "China Financial Education Development Foundation." As of press time, 6,788 people have participated in the course. ( click to buy class )