Be wary of rar compressed file scams on the Internet, scammers claim that the file contains 28,000 bitcoins

According to the Symantec Security Lab (, there is a recent rar file containing 28,000 bitcoins in various forums and communities. The wallet address is 12tkqA9xSoowkzoERHMWNKsTey55YEBqkv. Since the file has a password, it needs to be cracked to obtain Bitcoin. The owner provides four clues and claims that this is a test package. If it is successfully cracked, it will fly to the location of the cracker to give the real package, and the face-to-face lawyer will sign the contract. The clues are as follows: 1. The password consists of 13 digits. 2. The password is composed of letters + numbers. 3, the letter case exists. 4. The possibility of being signed is small. The dimension reduction security lab here suggested that there have been many fake wallet fraud incidents, such as: forgotten part of the private key, dat file password forgotten, rar file password forgotten, etc., such scam follow-up routine, scammers claim to have channel purchase power Or there are experts who can crack, but the computing power is not enough, you need many users to buy computing power to help crack and then implement fraud, in response to such incidents, please keep the vigilance of the users, beware of being deceived.