The analysis shows that high inflation rate and open government attitude are the reasons why third world countries have strong interest in cryptocurrency.

According to LongHash analysis, many third-world countries in Asia, Africa and South America have shown increasing interest in digital currencies. Some well-known project parties have discovered the huge potential of cryptocurrencies in third world countries. layout. For example, Dash's African team is centered in Nigeria and continues to attract more merchants and consumers to Dash in Nigeria and surrounding areas through television, brochures and live events; Stellar helps Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, India, etc. Payment service providers and telecom companies have integrated the Stellar network, enabling users to get a convenient and low-cost experience on Stellar's chain system; the anchored dollar reserve in 2019 is planned to be launched in Venezuela and Angola to launch stable currency applications. . From the data and actual landing conditions, it is found that in the third world countries with high inflation rate, open government attitude towards cryptocurrency, and high mobile scene penetration rate, cryptocurrency can often be favored.