The six defendants in the OneCoin encryption scam were still not served

According to Finance Feeds, the plaintiff of the OneCoin encryption scam case stated in a follow-up document on September 3 that the six defendants were still not served. The defendants included OneCoin Ltd and Konstantin Ignatov (the leader of the entity), his sister Ruja Ignatova, Sebastian Greenwood (co-founder of OneCoin), Irina Andreeva Dilinska (Head of Legal and Compliance at OneCoin), the so-called "Scott Group" Said to be involved in the money laundering of OneCoin income). According to the plaintiff, OneCoin’s defendants were able to continue large-scale fraud for many years, in large part because Mark Scott and his partners David Pike and Nicole Huesmann took OneCoin’s proceeds from the sale of fraudulent investment projects. Money laundering.