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“Proposing a question is often more important than solving a problem. Solving a problem may be just a skill. Putting forward new possibilities and looking at old problems from a new perspective requires creative imagination.”

Einstein described "questioning" as the path of scientific progress, and this is also suitable for describing the media, recording complex reality, asking sharp questions, and seeking possible answers.

From November 8th to 9th, Babbitt will hold the 2019 World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen in Wuzhen. We have invited more than 100 experts and scholars in the global blockchain, digital assets, AI and 5G fields, technical experts and opinions. Leaders and founders of popular projects meet in Wuzhen.

Today, we will disclose in advance the six major issues that this Babbitt Wuzhen Conference will focus on. They are breakthroughs: the birth, evolution and evolution of digital assets, the transformation: the underlying infrastructure of the next generation of blockchain, Future: the future of decentralized finance, the big bang: new hotspots and explorers of blockchains, the break of the siege: insecure, How to believe in the world, cross-border fusion: industrial integration and landing practice in the digital age.

Why, we want to focus on these six topics?

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Breakthrough: the birth, deduction and evolution of digital assets

The fourth cut in Bitcoin triggered a block height of 630,000, which is expected to be around May 19, 2020. By then, the block reward will be reduced to 6.25, and the daily release will be reduced to 900.

At this moment, the mining industry has already started to work hard. The mining machine dealers have rushed to order chips to expand their arms and prepare for war. A large number of futures mining machines rushed to the front line, and the bitcoin calculation force refers to the 100E mark. However, the flood season is coming to an end, and the halving is destined to be a fierce mining machine knockout. The mining industry will usher in an iterative cycle. Will the computing power enter the centralized stage? Can mining still earn a profit?

At the same time, the global economy is cold, the regional situation is tense, and the quantitative and loose monetary policy is on the line. Bitcoin yellow robe adds to digital gold. But can it really become a reserve asset? How will institutional capital enter?

In the secondary market, emerging exchanges and converged exchanges are stalking, and the head exchanges are attacking by means of futures, options, leverage, borrowing, and DEX. The battle for cryptocurrency entry has started. It all depends on the bull market, but will the bull market come? Is the mainstream of the mainstream Heshan Village more obvious? Will the price of the currency rise?

Change: the next generation of blockchain underlying infrastructure

There are not many opportunities left for the public chain in 2019. Cosmos and Algorand are on the scene, and Polkadot, Filecoin and Telegram are coming soon. The public chain is vertically verticalized and the 10,000-chain interconnection is explored in depth. The simple efficiency dispute extends to the close-knit of multiple dimensions such as community users, developer ecology, and landing applications. But do you really need so many public chains? Is the future a single-chain world or a million-chain one? As a result, the battle for PoS and PoW's consensus king has begun. Who can sit on the throne of the blockchain world?

In the underlying infrastructure, MimbleWimblew-based privacy technology, Ethereum-based fragmentation technology, Bitcoin-based lightning network technology, and two-tier network technologies like the original chain Bystack are becoming more mature. So, is the public chain really getting better and better? Which technologies may stand out and win the future?

Futere – the future of decentralized finance

The currency self-revolution went online to the centralized exchange, and DEX entered the Warring States era. However, when the asset cross-chain is difficult, the depth of trading and the volume of trading are stretched, the DEX wearing the decentralized aura is the benefit of the dagger-centered exchange. Sword, is it a carnival that is not self-sufficient?

Staking was strong when DEX just pulled away from the corner of centralizing finance. Currently, there are about 47 Staking projects with a total market capitalization of approximately US$16 billion, accounting for 6% of the total market value of cryptocurrencies. All major players in the industry chain such as exchanges, mining pools, investment institutions, and wallets are rushing into the game. This is not only the innovation of token distribution and chain governance, but also completely detonates the charm of Defi. But Staking, are you making money? Is the cryptocurrency pledge really risk free? How to solve the liquidity problem?

Blockchain Big Bang: New Hotspots and Explorers

Bitcoin is the originator of the global currency, and now it is indeed a stable currency. With the release of Facebook's stable currency libra, the global central bank in the warm boiled frog is in the midst of an enemies, and the long-held central bank digital currency has already come out.

Then, when Libra-led stable currency pulls the "value circulation" revolution involving 2.7 billion users around the world, how will stable coins impact the global monetary system, will it become a bull market fuse?

The global monetary change may be too far away, and the combination of traditional giants and blockchains has become commonplace. BATJ, Netease, Haier, Huawei, Telecom, Weibo… The giants are not testing the water blockchain products, but also promoting the alliance chain BaaS platform. But what about them? Still laying a heavy squad, just wait for the policy to be released to give the hairy children a heavy blow? Will this change led by niche innovators eventually become a big player game?

Besieged in the city: Unsafe, why believe in the world?

Safety is the true nature of the blockchain, but here is the scene of a car accident where trust is missing. Frequent technical loopholes, industry fraud, in addition to the cryptocurrency in the hardware wallet, where is the real safe house? How to build a secure bastion of digital assets? How to create a truly credible digital world?

Blockchain entrepreneurship is a high-altitude tightrope, not only to avoid technical problems but also to take into account policy risks. Blockchain technology has moved from geeks to the masses, from non-mainstream to mainstream, and the trend of global regulation has become a foregone conclusion. Are we insisting on innovation, growing wildly under the supervision of the iron curtain, or actively responding, and progressing with regulation? Where is the road?

Fusion: Industrial Integration and Practice in the Digital Age

Blockchain suffers from "landing" and "niche" for a long time. But now the trend of technology convergence, industry cross-border, and scene landing has emerged. The blockchain is extending from the castle to the real scene and business.

Technically, the combination of 5G, big data and artificial intelligence and blockchain is welcoming more industry breakthroughs. In the industry, Internet technology companies, banks, real estate, logistics, and even national governments have begun to study blockchain technology. On the ground, more and more applications such as cross-border payment, digital content copyright, electronic deposit, supply chain finance, and traceability are used by companies to develop new commercial tracks.

However, how to build the value of the blockchain in science, how to build new industry standards, how to promote user growth and cross-border cooperation has become a difficult problem facing the industry. If Bitcoin is already the king of applications for millions of users, can we see killer apps for millions of millions of users in 2020?

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This is the six major issues and six issues. It covers the six most exciting and confusing directions in the blockchain industry today. It means that at this moment, the blockchain industry is facing considerable uncertainty, and it is difficult for you to outline its future with a few strokes. At the same time, this also means a certainty, the institution is coming, the supervision is coming, the giant is coming, you know that it will definitely grow stronger in one direction.

The 2019 World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen will launch a variety of discussions including big coffee speeches, roundtable forums, offline gatherings, and live exhibitions. If you are full of confidence in the blockchain and you are confused, come to Wuzhen, you will find that everyone in this industry is confused, but the confusion is valuable. The more you know, the more your confusion will increase. Will not decrease.

On November 8-9, 2019, the application was unbounded and broke through the borders of Hongmeng.

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