TRC20 token AIS steadily rises, token holders enjoy multiple benefits

The latest price of non-small AIS shows that the current price of AIS is 3.2483. Since the launch, the price has increased by more than 200%, which is one of the most anticipated projects in 2019. It is understood that AIS is the only eco-economic certificate issued by the Mongolian Compliance Exchange AIS-X. It adopts the TRC20 standard and has high compatibility and scalability. It has been enthusiastic since the launch of the IEO on August 15 and has been launched since the opening of the transaction on the 21st. Stable upward trend. Users holding AIS project tokens will become members of the AIS ecosystem, with discounts including exchange trading, withdrawals, and currency transactions; voting rights for new AIS-X exchanges; enjoy AIS-X transactions Triple income from mining, mining and resource mining.