Media: Blockchain electronic invoices can achieve lightweight anti-counterfeiting and reduce ticket costs

On September 4th, the Daily Economic News published an article "From Handwritten Invoices to Blockchain Electronic Invoicing: Reducing Ticket Costs and Ensuring Truth and Integrity." The article pointed out that on December 7, 2018, under the joint witness of the leaders of the provincial, municipal and district tax bureaus, Guangzhou Huangpu District (Guangzhou Development Zone) successfully launched on the electronic tax invoicing platform of the “tax chain” block. The first electronic invoice, the implementation of the general class electronic invoice on the blockchain, and cooperation with Alipay, reimbursement software, open the entire process of "payment – issuing – reimbursement – crediting", to achieve post-payment invoices, minutes Reimbursement and payment are recorded. The technical characteristics of full-process encryption, non-tampering and traceability are issued on the electronic invoice chain, which is highly consistent with the business logic of the invoice. The blockchain electronic invoice can realize the lightweight anti-counterfeiting of invoices and reduce the cost of ticketing, while ensuring the authenticity, integrity and permanence of invoice data, and the data is highly secure.