Data show: Ethereum DApp Eco-Revitalization and DeFi Project Rejuvenate

According to data from, Ethereum has been behind EOS and TRON since the end of last year's gambling DApp. Compared with the data on September 3, the daily active users: EOS 112, 701, ETH 80, 206, TRON 16,550 The number of active users in Ethereum has far exceeded TRON, approaching EOS; daily chain transactions: ETH 8.74 million US dollars, EOS 8.08 million US dollars, TRON 5.47 million US dollars, Ethereum daily chain transaction data has completely surpassed EOS And TRON. DAppTotal data analysts believe that since May, the number of EApp active users and transaction volume of Ethereum has started to climb steadily, mainly driven by two reasons: 1. The focus of Tether's release of USDT has gradually evolved from OMNI network to Ether since April. Network network offset, since the beginning of April, more than 1.5 billion ERC20-USDT; 2, DeFi class project beyond the game class DApp into Ethereum DApp largest new user source, and from the August transaction amount, only DeFi class The project accounted for 65.74% of the entire Ethereum DApp.