Media: Fire currency cash flow and blind expansion have improved, and domestic compliance issues remain unresolved

On September 4th, the financial network of the financial network issued a document stating that after Li Lin regained control of the fire currency, the cash flow of the coin and the blind expansion have been improved. It has been two years since the "June 4th Incident". On the most fundamental domestic compliance issue, there has been no progress in the fire currency. Looking at the public information, since October 2017, the Firecoin Global Station has become the core of the trading business of the Firecoin Group, contributing most of the traffic and revenue of the Fire Exchange business. Upon inquiry, the current non-small data platform only includes data on two platforms, namely, Firecoin Global Station and Firecoin Korea Station. According to the data on September 2, the turnover of 24H in the South Korea Station was 162 million yuan, while the turnover of 24H in the global currency station was 29.271 billion yuan, more than 180 times that of the Korean station. At present, the main platform for the Firecoin Futures Contract (Firecoin DM) promoted by the Firecoin Group is also the Global Coin Station. The same key project for the contract with the contract is the IEO. The fire coin was launched on March 26th in the first phase of the fire coin Prime. Then, the Beijing Mujin Association issued a document in March, pointing out that the illegal public financing activities such as IEO will be regarded as ICO variant activities. According to statistics, within five months, Firecoin has launched 22 IEO projects. The fiery development of the IEO project quickly lifted the price of HT, largely solving the cash flow dilemma of the 2018. According to calculations, the fire money IEO project raised more than 800 million US dollars at the opening, and the total value of the market value was nearly 5 billion US dollars. At present, the total market value of these 22 projects has fallen by 74% from the highest point.