MakerDAO users surge, related to Coinbase cryptocurrency education courses

On September 4th, according to data from DappTotal, from July 26th, the cumulative number of MakerDAO users increased to 92,000, accounting for 82.4% of the total number of DeFi users in Ethereum. The reason for the surge is that Coinbase has started the course of USD Stabilization DAI, and users can get DAI rewards when they complete the course. On July 26th, the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase launched the learning course of the US dollar stable currency DAI. Users can get 2 DAIs every time they watch a learning video. If all the learning videos are completed, the user can get 20 DAIs, worth 140. Renminbi. As the course opens, the number of MakerDAO users has proliferated. DappTotal shows that the number of MakerDAO users has increased from 13,000 to 92,000, and the number of users has increased by nearly 9 times, currently accounting for 82.4% of the total number of EFI's DeFi users. Currently ranked second is CompoundV2, 11,000 users. DAI is not the only learning course on Coinbase. Coinbase also includes EOS, Stellar, Zcash, BAT, and 0x. Users learning these courses can get project tokens of varying value.