The coin letter responded again to Jiang Zhuoer: the coin letter never sold out to the cloud mining machine, only sold out the standard cloud computing power

On April 15th, Wu Gangfa, the founder of the currency letter, responded again to Jiang Zhuoer, saying that the currency letter never sold the cloud mining machine and only sold the standard cloud computing power. The following is the response to the original text: 1. The currency letter has never been sold to the cloud mining machine, only to sell the standard cloud computing power. 2. At that time, the futures cloud computing contract was signed in accordance with the renminbi. 3. At the fork time, because Bitcoin confessed the currency power supply, the currency letter could not execute the cloud computing futures contract and returned the RMB. 4. The currency standard calculation contract has been executed in accordance with the contract. 5. Thank you for your support and attention. Prior to the news on April 13th, Jiang Zhuoer questioned that the credit letter defaulted to cancel the cloud computing power, saying that the currency letter is obligated to disclose the real situation to the user and should bear the loss of the user. In response, Wu Gang, the founder of the coin letter, responded that: 1. The contract was signed in RMB. 2. The contract cannot be returned to the mine due to the price of the mining machine. If the mining machine falls, does it also allow the coin to be returned to the mine? 3. At the beginning, it was declared that the mining machine was safely relocated, because it was afraid that the bacher, like Jiang Zong, would be hit again. 4. The success of the coin letter made the overbearing BCHer's plot to occupy Bitcoin unsuccessful. 5. Jiang did not do evil, but only to be a bully accomplice.