Development and community are two-pronged! ETC Labs welcomes iZbreaker and Second State eco-partners

Ethereum Classic (ETC) core development and accelerator organization ETC Labs announced a partnership with social media application iZbreaker and blockchain infrastructure developer Second State.


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Second State will build the next generation of Ethereum infrastructure

On September 1, developers and maintainers of the ETC blockchain said they have partnered with Second State's blockchain infrastructure developers.

According to the statement, this collaboration "will bring high impact to the ETC ecosystem", aimed at creating an open source toolchain and runtime software to power the next generation of Ethereum-compatible blockchain.

Second Yuan CEO Michael Yuan said:

“We are proud to be part of the ETC development process, making it the most technologically advanced and developer-friendly blockchain in the world.”

Working with social media dApp iZbreaker

On August 28th, ETC Labs also announced a partnership with social media application iZbreaker. iZbreaker is a secure community that invites to join, connecting people through a three-tiered network of friends. Its website says:

“In a world full of information, business bias and untrustworthy cyberspace, be prepared for a new way of communicating with others.”

The statement also explained that ETC Labs will provide development resources to build social media applications and leverage its technology and marketing expertise to create and publish a new Dapp.

Erik Wachtmeister, CEO and founder of iZbreaker, spoke about the latest developments, saying:

“The main task of iZbreaker is to 'expand the windfall'. Many social media are concerned about the past of others. iZbreaker is concerned with our own future and seize the opportunities around us.”