Oasis Official: Temporary removal of copyright for copyright protection and initiation of internal design process verification

On September 4th, Sina Weibo social app Oasis official said, “I just learned that some friends have feedback about the design of Oasis related elements and similar works of a Korean design team. I would like to apologize to the designer first. I also explain to you the following design: The early designers did draw on similar design elements of online public materials. These basic elements include desert, sun, cactus, etc. It is also our main design idea: in today's social network, everyone is like a group of cacti in the desert, too Lonely, and it is a stab, we need a refreshing oasis. In order to protect copyright, the oasis has been temporarily removed from the shelves, and the internal design process verification work is started. At the current internal testing stage, we have not done enough in design. Preparation and management, all functions and services need to be improved."