Analysis: Mayer multiples broke through 1.0 for the first time since falling to a low of 0.51 in December last year, and the bitcoin bear market may end

On April 15th, analyst Crypto Kea said that Biter's Mayer multiple (Mayer Multiple, Bitcoin price/200-day moving average) fell to a low of 0.51 on December 14, and recently broke through 1.0 for the first time. Crypto Kea explained that in the previous market cycle, when the Mayer multiple exceeded 1.0 in the bear market, it was the bottom of Bitcoin. Currently, the Mayer multiple breaks through 1.0, which may mean that we are now at the bottom of the bear market. He added that if you follow the historical rules, Bitcoin may start to rebound in the future, and it is likely that you will not see lower lows in this cycle.