Shouldn't you go to the main network in 2019? The data shows that a large number of tokens are negatively growing

Two years ago, we thought that the cryptocurrency field would switch from blockchain testing and testing networks to real use cases and flawless main networks. But the sad reality is that most of the projects that have been launched on the main network have had negative returns.


The main network on the line still can't change the fate of the token

Although the deployment of the main network represents the natural direction of the development of the blockchain market, most of the on-line main network project tokens are depreciating.

Messari, a cryptocurrency data service company, conducted a study on the blockchain company on the main line. The data shows that although bitcoin has risen by more than 205% over the same period, the token prices of these companies have shown negative growth this year.


The main network usually represents an important price catalyst and bullish signal. However, most of the tokens that implement the main network run have a negative return, especially in the case of the benchmark bitcoin.

According to Messari, Zilliqa, IoTeX and Metadium have fallen more than 70% in the past 90 days, while Bitcoin has risen 33%. In addition, Cosmos, Waltcoinchain and Quarkchain have fallen more than 60% in the past three months. Both BNB and Theta tokens have fallen more than 40%.

The boom from ERC20 to the main network

Due to the enormous effort required to create a new DLT (Distributed Books Technology) platform, most cryptocurrency projects were originally based on Ethereum. Ethereum outperforms Bitcoin in terms of transaction speed, and has not yet encountered serious scalability issues, and has introduced the concept of smart contracts. These advantages have attracted thousands of blockchain projects, and they have created ERC20 tokens.

This means that most cryptocurrency projects rely heavily on Ethereum.

However, in the past two years, a new trend has emerged. More and more large cryptocurrency projects are beginning to create their own blockchain networks, often referred to as the main network. Previously, tokens issued based on Ethereum were temporary. transitional phase. Although the main online line is often considered a good signal, this is not the case in 2019.

This type of blockchain tokens is likely to fall into the bottleneck in price. It is probably because after the 2017 ICO boom, market sentiment has subsided, investors have become more rational, and relevant platforms have not yet achieved breakthroughs in technology and landing, so these tokens cannot Support its value.

This situation does not last forever. There may be some projects that “dead” in the future, but there will also be some cryptographic assets that show real value on their websites. As for which crypto assets can stand out, only the market knows the answer.

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