North American Securities Management Association: More than 330 encrypted fraud investigations have been launched

On September 11th, the North American Securities Management Association (NASAA) released an annual implementation report based on 2018 data. According to the report, in 2018, the National Securities Regulatory Authority carried out 5,320 investigations, took 2,067 law enforcement actions, received a total of 490 million US dollars in fines, criminal relief in 1753 (including imprisonment and probation), and investors received $558 million. Compensation. According to NASAA, the number of unregistered individuals has increased, with no fewer than 700 in 2018. This number has risen for three consecutive years, more than double the 335 in 2015. NASAA warns that it is not surprising that in the coming years, high-level investigations and actions are being carried out on unregistered individuals and companies, given the country's efforts to combat fraudulent activities involving cryptocurrencies.