The first article of "Ling listening blockchain" was released. Weifang Bank blockchain open source observation: code is thrown out, trust is brought back

Recently, Ling Xia blockchain manager and Babbitt editor Tang Xialing interviewed Ma Zhitao, deputy governor of Weizhong Bank, and the blockchain team to discuss the practical experience of blockchain open source. 8 core views to see first:

1. Blockchain is a machine for creating trust. If it is not open source, this machine is still a black box. 2, open source does not go back, used to run in clothes, now a bit like streaking. 3. Financial instruments should be used to solve practical problems in society. 4, open source thinking is what you need, what can I do for you, how do we collaborate. 5. Blockchain is the best technical carrier for distributed commerce. 6. I believe that digitalization of the asset is the future, but against the digitization of digits. 7. POW is a proof of workload mechanism. It can be understood as who will listen to who is strong, and POS, whoever has money to listen to. 8, open source, open the technical threshold, but also the psychological threshold.

Interview: "Weiyuan Bank Blockchain Open Source Watch: Throw the code out and bring the trust back"

The first block of the block network business observation column "Ling listening blockchain" officially launched. The column was created by Babbitt editor Tang Xialing and the team. It will retain a historical draft for the blockchain in a long-depth observation of the article.