EOS full node capacity reaches 430 GB, which is about to exceed Ethereum

On September 11, according to the data provided by Dapptotal, the current EOS full-node block capacity has reached 430GB, which is growing fast and will soon catch up with Ethereum. By querying bitinfocharts, it is found that the current block capacity of Ethereum is 433 GB, far exceeding the 279 GB of Bitcoin. Interestingly, the current BSV supporting large blocks has exceeded the BCH in this respect; on the other hand, Litecoin The block capacity is only 26GB, which seems to be in a situation of little use. According to the data of the website, within 24 hours, the two indicators of Ethereum calculation and mining difficulty have slightly decreased. However, it is worth noting that the difficulty of running the whole node and synchronizing data is slightly increased. But the computing power has shown signs of decline. In fact, since the computing power reached its peak on July 14, the calculation power of Litecoin has been declining in the past two months. Especially at the end of August this year, in the context of the continued decline in mainstream currency prices, Litecoin is equally difficult to escape. Falling fate, even once fell below the mainstream mining machine ants L3 +, core A4 + shut down the price of coins, a time caused the Litecoin miners to escape the tide.