Raise $50 million! Licensed hedge fund company Nickel launches encryption arbitrage fund

According to Coindesk's September 10 report, Nickel Asset Management, a hedge fund company licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), recently said it has raised $50 million for a fund to fluctuate from the volatile cryptocurrency market. Profit.


Image source: pixabay

The company said on Monday that its Nickel Arbitrage Fund is no longer open to new investors after two months of launch. The “funds of funds” and family offices in the UK, Europe, North America and Singapore also participated in the fundraising.

The company said that the fund is regulated by the UK's FCA and its strategy is to "use the extreme volatility of the encryption market to provide low volatility and stable performance."

Nickel has established its own automated trading system. According to a press release, the fund maintains a neutral exposure to the volatile crypto-equity market by investing only in digital assets with active futures and swap markets. Nickel's portfolio manager, Alek Kloda, said:

“As long as digital assets and their derivatives are traded on multiple exchanges around the world, with sufficient speed and execution quality, we can profit from market making while improving liquidity for other market participants.”

Nickel also said it provides a solution for managing digital assets across multiple trading platforms:

“So far, hedge funds have been using the self-hosting model of digital assets. Since blockchain trading is irreversible, the risk of a single point of failure has been a key reason for institutional investors to avoid large-scale investment in this asset class.”

The company is using multi-signature security technology to ensure that no party can transfer funds separately and limit the transfer of funds to pre-approved whitelisted addresses. Anatoly Crachilo, CEO of Nickel Asset Management, said:

“Our vision is that digital assets are only part of the global portfolio of forward-looking investor institutions. Our goal is to create a solid channel for institutional investors to enter this dynamic digital asset arena.”

Nickel said that as its service capacity is saturated, the fund may reopen to investors for a limited period of time later this year.