The small house big secret "Second Gems" base construction detailed


Introduced the new content of the base system before

Do you think that you still have not done enough?

Let's take a closer look at it now.

Three mysterious buildings at the base


Game Park · Pub


Pub Introduction

I feel that there are too few games to play now? You may not be able to play in the future.

The pub will be the future

Entrance to various gameplay copies

This new version opens the first gameplay.

Mine exploration treasure


Many friends may have experienced it during the internal test.

But still need to talk to the new miners.

Game description

Click on the pub building

You can enter the mine hole treasure game


Players need to be within a limited number of physical strengths

Continuous digging down

Until you dig to the bottom, you can get the prize.


From time to time, there will be various props in the mine.

Explosives, rockets and even robots

Proper use of these items will make you do more with less.


And in the new version

The reward for mine exploration will also be adjusted.

Key open treasure chest reward

In addition to building upgrade materials, energy, etc.

There will be opportunities to get this time.

Rare "collection" props


The collection has great use in the game.

Then you will know it.

Treasure House · Explorer's House


Explorer's House Profile

Treasures in the world of gems

Personal energy alone

It’s hard to search around the world for collections.

You need a few good assistants to help


In the base building "Explorer's House"

Everyone can hire a celebrity explorer

Send them to different areas for treasure hunt

Help you collect all kinds of "collections"


△ Elevate the Explorer's House level to send more explorers

Collections produced in each region are different

The more capable the adventurer

You can bring back more "collections" for you.

The collected treasures will play a role.

Arsenal · Battle Research Institute


Introduction to the Institute of Operations

The most worthy of the new version is undoubtedly

Offensive base attack and defense gameplay

Use skill cards in base attack and defense

Is a very important offensive means

Where the various skill cards are produced

Institute of Operations

So it is our important arsenal


How to get a card?

In the Institute of Operations

Players can spend gold coins to draw cards

During the internal test

Everyone can enjoy

Free card draw 10 times a day

Don’t miss out on opportunities for all workers.


In addition to drawing cards

Everyone can also pass

In the pub and explorer's house

Acquired collections to synthesize cards


Cards with different rarity

The types of items that need to be collected are different.

New version will open tomorrow

Everyone remembers to collect it quickly!


If there are extra or unwanted cards

You can also break down the cards to get the pieces.

If you have enough pieces, you can go to the store.

In exchange for the card you want


Of course

If there are extra cards

The most important thing is to remember to use

Upgrade card

Upgrade can enhance the properties of the card

Help you greatly improve the winning rate of the base attack and defense


Through different card combinations

Little friends can create

Countless tactics

Can even be surprisingly successful

Weak win

The opportunity to test IQ strategy is here.


The new version is now shining

I will bring it to you later.

The final base attack and defense gameplay introduction

Everyone continues to pay attention~

About the second gem

The second gem is based on Ethereum.

Place strategy management game

Currently in the limit test phase

Interested friends can contact the administrator bubble

(WeChat ID: wonderpaopao)

Receive the invitation code and enter the game immediately

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