The traditional game to do chain change is not what you want to change can change

At the end of 2017, along with the highlight of the cryptocurrency price, the blockchain game "Encryption Cat" was on fire, and an NFT cat born in Ethereum actually sold for $120,000. Overnight, many developers saw the huge profit margins of the game combined with the blockchain, the dongle, the encrypted celebrity, the encryption country… The blockchain seems to have become an irreversible trend. On the other hand, the solidification of the traditional industry pattern and the loss of user interest are forcing the transformation of traditional enterprises. The game manufacturers have brought some inspiration to the market by low-key or officially entering the blockchain, but after a few years, the industry chaos Still, the traditional enterprise chain has achieved little success, and the traditional game industry with blockchain empowerment is slowly moving forward in the pull of power and resistance.
– 01 – Why do traditional games do chain changes? In March 2018, the traditional game industry was baptized by supervision. The country stopped opening the game version number. Without the version number, the new game could not be launched. "This has a relatively large impact on the game industry, and the channel for selling props to make money is blocked." The founder of a Beijing online game company said. The approval of the listing of domestic games has been stagnant, and the review standards have become increasingly strict. Many games including Warcraft Hunter: World have been forced to stop selling, and the profitability of game companies has shrunk dramatically. In addition, due to the impact of users in the secondary market, game giants such as Tencent and NetEase have plunged. The pressure of regulation has tightened, and the space left by traditional channels for games is not only difficult to broaden, but seems to become more and more narrow. At the same time, the blockchain industry has ushered in an unprecedented grand occasion. Following the phenomenon-level game "Encryption Cat", "Encryption Country" hit 45,000 ETH water in 7 days of the Spring Festival in 2018, at the time of about 35 million US dollars;

Fomo3D detonated the drum-and-drum-spending game boom; the pixel game PixelMaster also showed a drum-and-flowering attribute while triggering a social experiment. The center pixel was once fired to 4,48EOS, which was about 24,000 US dollars at the time; craps and poker games emerged endlessly. The Pan army supports the EOS and Tron ecosystems. Under the dual role of regulatory pressure and the blockchain wave, Internet companies have laid out blockchains. Baidu, 360, and Xiaomi respectively launched blockchain games such as "Lee Dog", "Block Cat" and "Encrypted Cat"; Netease embedded blockchain technology in a game called "Reverse Water Cold", adding Mining function, players above level 60 can obtain a rare collection called “宓曦通宝” by mining, and promise to use all the games of Netease Thunderfire… Internet big companies bring out the blockchain rhythm. The concept of traditional game chain reform has gradually spread. The traditional game track is getting tighter, the blockchain game in the capital outbreak, and the possibility of blockchain empowering traditional games, has brought about a wave of traditional game chain changes. – 02 – Cocos chain modification example, blockchain for traditional game empowerment Cocos is the game engine king of mobile game 2D era, belonging to touch technology, which was born such as Fantasy Westward Journey, Westward Journey, Knife Legend, Fishing People and a series of popular games. The engine is a must-have development management tool in the game development process. As the king of 2D engine, Cocos is very popular in the era when smartphones are popular. However, with the improvement of smartphone performance, 3D has gradually become mainstream, and the 3D function of Cocos engine is not good. Cocos has received U3D, Unreal 4, etc. The challenge of the 3D engine. On the one hand, with the advent of the 5G era, the performance of smart devices and networks will undoubtedly be greatly improved. Even 2D games will increase the expressiveness of the images through 3D, and the market share of 2D engines will further shrink. On the other hand, the engines developed by game giants such as Tencent and NetEase are becoming more and more mature, and their dependence on external engines is getting lower and lower. Cocos does need to build another, develop its own ecology, and the blockchain seems to be a good entry. In mid-2017, touch technology CEO Chen Yuzhi and the team launched the blockchain game platform Cocos-BCX; at the end of 2018, Cocos-BCX went online to test the network. When asked why Cocos-BCX with blockchain attributes was launched, Chen Zhizhi said, “In November 2017, we saw the encryption cat coming out. We are the biggest game development tool provider. If we still don’t act, the market will be real. Growing up, it doesn't matter to us.” The user bonus of the traditional Chinese game industry may have gone through a period of growth, and the blockchain game track has hardly been tapped, and the space is large enough and the pattern is not defined. According to expectations, by 2025, the blockchain item trading market may reach a scale of 5 trillion. Although the future is full of unknowns, Chen Yuzhi believes that this track is big enough.

"Twenty years ago, when the Internet was still a pseudo-proposition, I was very convinced of the future of the Internet. Now, I also believe in the future of the blockchain. Blockchain games need to be laid out in advance."

The blockchain can indeed help solve some of the pain points in the traditional (gaming) industry. The blockchain enables game assets to be owned by users, transaction security, better inter-game asset flows, eco-participants sharing industry dividends, and certain investment attributes.

Photo by Lee Cocking blockchain empowerment game ecology, currency players can vote to determine the game rules such as task setting, plot direction, and the benefit distribution mechanism is more clear. Under the staking boom, holding money also means that players can get an eco dividend on a regular basis. BlockGame is a blockchain game distribution platform. Through the cooperation with Mi Entertainment Games, the classic game "Ragnarok RO: Revival" has been tokenized, allowing players to enjoy the game and the blockchain game. The bonus of development. “Stop service” is one of the most unwilling words for traditional gamers. In the traditional game field, every time a player registers a game, he is always required to sign a player agreement. The agreement states that "the player pays for the service, and the virtual props caused by the game stop is invalid, and the player has to bear the loss." Although it is the "overlord clause", but because of the strong demand for games, players can only accept it. In addition, in the traditional game field, the virtual economy system of different games is independent of each other. After the player loses interest in a certain game, the game points cannot be transferred or even cashed out, which leads to the waste of virtual assets, the cost of the player's sheet metal, and even the investment. The time and effort costs cannot be accumulated. The blockchain can solve these problems well. In the blockchain game ecology, the game assets are owned by the players, and the reuse of the player's ID, assets, props, etc. in the game is gradually being realized. In the foreseeable future, even if the game is officially stopped, the player will jump to other games, and the game assets and accounts will still be able to flow and follow the player. – 03- Chain change is difficult. Although the traditional game chain change mentioned above can achieve a very good ending, there is no doubt that the process will be very difficult. The blockchain industry is still in its infancy, and the traditional games that enter the blockchain need to face as many and even more industry dilemmas as the original blockchain game projects. . Strong speculative attributes Currently, the spine boom, investment, or speculative attributes of the blockchain gaming industry are far more interesting than fun. Neoworld founder Kane once said that "(dice, guess size) can not be called games in strict sense, because they only solve the needs of people's gambling, and do not solve the needs of play." Chen Yuzhi is not the essence of the current industry. optimism. “Frankly speaking, users don’t care whether they are blockchains or not. They are not concerned about making money. At present, they don’t care much about whether blockchain games can make money. What they care about is the price of bitcoin. It is impossible for a product to change the group's cognition at once, and it requires a subtle process." After the coin COCOS is on the line, it is indeed a slap in the industry investment property. Although I received the top-level treatment of the currency security fee, I got dozens of first-line investment institutions including Xiongan, Node, Dfund, etc., and the COCO of the star project Cocos-BCX was implemented after the online currency security. It was a big surprise, the price of the currency broke, and the project side was accused of harvesting the private round.

COCOS was launched on August 21 this year, and the price of the currency was broken. Regardless of whether the price of COCOS fell below the project, whether the project party has primary responsibility or whether it is arranged in advance, but the market’s judgment on the project is obviously very rude. Supreme, the investment property is very obvious. . It is difficult to continue to innovate, and the homogenization phenomenon is serious. The blockchain game continues to innovate hard, the homogenization phenomenon is serious, and the life cycle is short. Roy is a hardcore gamer. The appearance of the encrypted cat has made him shine, but gradually, dozens of animals such as dongle, encryption monkey, and encrypted fox have appeared on the market. Roy has played a few of them. I don’t think so.

"Many chain tours are basically copying plagiarism, just changing the skin, not raising a cat or raising a monster, I saw about 50 models, basically the same."

Blockchain pet development games, craps and other games are mostly open source, the threshold of plagiarism is only to design a few images or cards, there are media reports, such a game, 5 days can be copied. The development threshold for inferior chain tours is very low, and imitation and plagiarism are minutes. Starting from the Internet, the Internet of Everything, the fate of open sharing has been doomed. Imitation and plagiarism can't stop, the only thing developers can do is to innovate constantly, and the difficulty of innovation, especially continuous innovation, is very difficult. Continuous innovation is difficult and homogenization is serious, which leads to a very short life cycle of blockchain games. According to Dappreview founder Niu Fengxuan, the life cycle of DApp (including blockchain games) is short, only 20-30% of the DApp life cycle can exceed two months, and real active users account for less than the total number of users. 10%, a small number of heavy users contributed the vast majority of transactions. . Incremental capital is small, the project is difficult to make money, it is difficult to maintain the industry after the baptism of the bear market in 2018, users and funds are no longer as hot as 2017, the project side has to carefully calculate and balance the income and expenditure. "The bull market does not know when it will come. The funds are still very valuable. In addition to ensuring the normal development of the game, other redundant costs can be saved." The blockchain industry has a high threshold, the market is not hot, and the limited stock user It is in a state of loss, and the chain travel project party has to compete with the exchanges for the attention of users, and it is even more difficult to convince users to spend money to play games. In order to survive, the original projects that did not make money were helpless, and there were not a few developments in the direction of the fund.
– 04 – How should traditional games be changed? So how do traditional games do chain changes? The following three points are combined with the suggestions of market participants and the example of the traditional game layout blockchain. First, in the industry infrastructure development, the user threshold is gradually reduced, while the traditional game entry should go down the market. The game industry veteran – Le You CEO Xu Yiran has written a paragraph, summarized as follows:

“If the Chinese market is likened to a pyramid, the apex is a first-tier city, and the bottom of the tower is a vast rural market. The user base in the Chinese market is basically distributed. The more you go to the pyramid, the more mature the users, the more games you have seen. The more critical the game is, any game company in China, when they develop their company strategy, they are more concerned about going down, more users, more money to earn. Who can first move the proven game mode Whoever wins in front of users who have never seen such games."

At present, a major problem in the chain travel market is that the stock users are self-proclaimed and there are fewer incremental users. Walking down the market can reach a wide user base, of course, this needs to be carried out under the premise that the industry threshold is simultaneously reduced. Second, everything needs to return to the essence of the game – fun. In the process of recurring games, people seek a kind of spiritual comfort. Fun games can make players contribute more time and attention, and users are more sticky. The growth of the number of community players will bring a richer game ecology, the surrounding business development, and the economic dividend will follow. Moreover, chain reform is only a rough direction. Traditional game games need to be carefully filled and derived on the basis of their specific mechanisms, scenarios, users, and business models. In September of this year, Tencent's first AR mobile game, "Catch the demon", which was applied to the blockchain technology, was officially launched on the public beta, and it was launched in the App Store free list within 4 hours. "Catch the demon together" can be seen as a blockchain version of Pokeman Go, through the ERC721 token to achieve the uniqueness of each demon spirit.

Tencent did not rigidly apply blockchain technology when designing the game. Instead, it added a little black humor to the reality, and at the same time, it took advantage of the WeChat traffic portal from the user's trading needs. After the player reaches level 24, they can unlock the stall function for the sale of the captured demon spirit. The setting in the game is that the metropolis stalls such as Beishangguang are extremely difficult to grab, which is very compatible with the reality of the current high prices in these first-tier cities. In addition, players can choose WeChat channels when cashing in-game assets. "Catch the demon together" comes with the connection function of WeChat, WeChat also comes with a large number of users, can easily transfer money, providing a very large potential for OTC trading. Blockchain games are still in the early stages of development, and the pattern has not yet been formed. The entry of traditional games may bring more opportunities, but the process must be tortuous. The traditional game of blockchain empowerment will be slow in the pull of power and resistance. Forward!

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