Chain tea interview: Realm X Alex: 95% experience how to develop a centralized adventure RPG chain tour?

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Chain gameplay is too poor, the low TPS of the public chain has always been the two major problems that plague the industry, and when the real traditional game development team enters the chain, their understanding of the game will create different products. What? The chain teahouse observed that a recent chain tour called “Realm X” is undergoing online testing. There is not much difference between the game entry and the game in the early stage. Only when you need to buy a chain item or create a new item. The operations and experiences associated with the blockchain are only generated.


This game features UGC content creation and adventure RPG climbing tower game, with a complete world view and plot, the game screen is remarkable in H5 products. As of August 29th, the game has been tested online for one month, with a total of 7301 registered players and 36 BCHs. In this issue of chain tea visit, the teahouse invited to the producer of Realm X Alex, most of his team Blockhop are from the traditional game industry, then what is the chain tour developed by the traditional game regular army?

95% experience centered on choosing BCH as the first support for the public chain


Alex originally worked in the traditional game industry and has experience in making mature game products. In April 18, he set out to start the blockchain industry. After the first investment, the Realm X project was launched in August and set up the company block block (Blockhop). The current number is 15. Most of the team members are game veterans with experience in the traditional gaming industry.

At the beginning of the project, the team expected the development cycle of the game to be one to one and a half years. At that time, it was judged that the current and future blockchains would mature and would be more suitable for the game. At the same time, because of his many years of experience in the game industry, he firmly believes that the game can best realize the idea of ​​blockchain. Realm X started the test without deleting the file on July 29. Currently, the Android version has been put on Google Play, and the H5 version supports the web side and is provided for players to enter.

In Alex's view, the distribution calculations that need to pay attention to chain travel guarantee the fairness and security of the chain, and ensure that the handling fee is low enough. As for the logical decentralization, it is not necessary, as long as the game is truly credible. Realm X follows the "trust and verify" approach and makes it a part-centered game (logical centralization, books and assets on the blockchain).

Realm X's registration, entry and play has no blockchain experience, just like traditional games. He believes that the biggest value of the blockchain is to build a trust-free environment. However, in the process of getting the game content to be recognized by the player, it has already integrated enough trust. It is not necessary to return all the game content to the decentralized trust. Environment.


Alex gives an example of a game: 1) The creation process needs to consume drawings for creative attempts. The value of the attribute is a random value, but the value of the consumed drawing is very weak. Even if the developer conceals the public probability, the user's loss is very Small, the team can not get any profit, then this logic is not necessary to go on the chain. 2) In the process of creating content to accept players' votes, the player needs to invest in his own key assets. The key information that affects the voting judgment will be displayed transparently and transparently. There is still no need to trust the environment. What are the props attributes and appearance in Realm X games? After the vote, how many shares the developer took and how much the votes were released were all visible.

The 5% blockchain of the game is reflected in the ownership of the token as a token, the backup of the change record of the game asset, and the conversion of other virtual assets such as BCH.

As for why the BCH public chain was chosen, Alex said that the first reason came from his recognition of the blockchain. He felt that POW is the most suitable for use as the underlying public chain, which is beneficial to the application/content to build the layer 2 solution on it. Another very important point is that the single transaction fee on the BCH public chain is low enough. Currently, the average transaction rate is only 0.02 RMB. In the next two years, the handling fee will not increase very much.

Pre-game use RPG to retain users to use UGC gameplay to get users to get value recognition


Realm X is different from the UGC chain game that directly allows users to create elements. The game is completely an adventure RPG game with an upgraded device. It is no different from the traditional game. Players will find the UGC equipment after gradually turning on the in-game system. Production Method.

The team also made great efforts in the construction of the world view. Realm's original intention is the planet in Norse mythology. There are 9 countries in Nordic mythology. X is the Roman numeral 10. The team hopes that the player will create the tenth myth in the game. world. Realm X is a virtual world under the big system. It uses the grand background of Nordic mythology to map the elements of each planet to Realm X, allowing players to re-enter the world. Players need to play the original man in the game, acquire materials through adventure challenges, and manufacture equipment to perfect the planet.


Alex believes that Realm X is a combination of adventure RPG and UGC to create two types of gameplay. The early experience is more like the adventure rpg. After immersing users, the UGC element is emphasized. UGC equipment can let users get recognition and generate value. The elements of the blockchain perform better.

The game currently creates open props, and subsequent creations of open world scenes, in which players can create new monsters in the big world. Including the future of the game world, may not be the role of humanity. The player's design is all about the game content. The basic principle of the value, such as 1+1=2, is the basic rule that cannot be changed in the Realm X world. The content of the player is also constantly innovated and derived under this basic rule. .

Realm X is about to launch the World of Tinkers program. The current blueprint for the game is the earliest version of the program, and players can use resources and blueprints to synthesize new equipment. In the future, the program will provide the player with content splicing tools, open props customization, and the necessary elements of the props will be spliced ​​by the user and then released. Later, the consensus mechanism required for the release of the props will be released. For example, if 10 players develop 10 props, the world can only accept 5 props, and then you need to vote to eliminate the remaining 5.

At present, the game has the most original cost. If there is enough voting, the item will take effect. The profit obtained after the entry will be distributed to all the participants, the prop producer and the voter will get the profit.

Players mainly make money through the UGC prop production and trading economic system in further optimization


In the Realm X game, the farm and the ranch are designed to be guaranteed. There are very obvious numerical ceilings, which is equivalent to the sign-in benefits in the traditional game. Players can get a small amount of resources from these two systems. And adventure is a scenario in which resources can be continuously produced. Following the rules of more work and more, it is the output of most resources and synthetic blueprints.


The game stipulates that the production quantity of each item is up to 100. The item type will be gradually opened according to the number of players entering. In principle, there will be an unlimited number of items that can be produced. The designation of this rule is to hope that the game promotes the player to design the content. It is hoped that the success rate of the player's design content is basically guaranteed, and the distribution amount of each content is reduced.

The game only supports the first-level currency trading props diamonds, the token-type props are hung in the market to sell, the diamonds will be exchanged with the BCH after the coin-raising process, the diamond exchange ratio base is anchored on the RMB, and the RMB and BCH exchanges are monitored several times per hour. Proportion, adjust if it changes drastically.

Based on the above design, the player wants to make money in the game, can create new content (props), and obtain support from other users in the voting; and the synthetic income after the item is effective in the game will be distributed according to the voting situation. In the scene, the player plays the role of the virtual content investor. Another way to make money is to be a trader in the game, hoarding props and resources. When the market fluctuates in value, you can sell the hoarding items for profit.

How to solve the difficulties facing traditional players and the market?


During the year when Realm X was launched, the team stepped on a lot of pits. The biggest difficulty encountered at present is how to balance the asset preservation under the incentive and deflation model of the game environment, and the distribution and payment problems in the traditional market.

In traditional games, especially the development of games, the constant release of game content to the player is one of the key means to achieve early user motivation, and in the blockchain logic, the player's props belong to their assets. Unlimited issuance will inevitably lead to a decline in the value of assets. This contradiction is a natural contradiction and irreconcilable when it targets the same kind of props or content. Therefore, Realm X solves the above problems by designing a set of economic systems and incentives that are compatible with both requirements through multiple internal tests.

At the economic system design level, the current one-time props and future rental functions are used to satisfy the player's use of the props; the token-like props on the synthetic chain ensure that the track has a stable upper limit, thereby ensuring the value of the player's assets. In terms of incentives, by determining the key value that players provide in the game ecosystem, for example, effectively reducing the cost of new content development, new user acquisition, and active game ecology, it is transformed into tokens to motivate users.

The biggest difficulty in operations is the acceptance of blockchain content in traditional industries. For example, iOS distribution is one of them, which leads to the problem that the IOS market is not directly accessible and the player download path is not smooth. In addition, when tokens are used as payment vouchers, traditional channels also lack a token-based sharing system. We can only meet the needs of different types of users by opening other platforms to exchange tokens.

Realm X will be more open and free in the future, and even support derivative games and other games.


In the future Realm X development plan, UGC creation will gradually open more content design permissions, and at the same time develop tools for users; at the game level, it will continue to expand new gameplay, from personal gameplay to teamplay, Boss wars, etc. It will generate more possibilities; players can even create SLG's gameplay based on the worldview and content of the existing adventure RPG. This idea is open and free, full of imagination.

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