Microsoft shot! Jointly released Ethereum expansion solution Nahmii

Nahmii is a new expansion solution focused on Ethereum's preparation for enterprise-level application development, which will be announced in a blockchain event co-organized by technology giant Microsoft and blockchain development company hubii.


Image source: pixabay

Hubii CEO, Nahmii developer Jacobo Toll-Messia said:

"Working closely with Microsoft will provide a platform for Nahmii and make it a premier blockchain expansion and interoperability solution. Our upcoming events with NBX and StartupLab are a great opportunity to be available to Microsoft. The customer group demonstrated the power of Nahmii. This announcement is a major breakthrough for hubii."

At the same time, Microsoft's head of cloud computing and artificial intelligence, Christopher Frenning, said:

“The Nahmii solution addresses a variety of issues related to the blockchain industry. We are happy to see agreements like Nahmii add value by integrating their solutions with Microsoft Azure. Deep product integration with Nahmii is A technical solution that ensures our sales representatives are in the best position to succeed in every interaction."

According to a press release, the event, titled "Microsoft and hubii – Blockchain Practice," will be held at the Microsoft headquarters in Oslo, Norway on September 12.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the distributed ledger technology (DLT) platform developed by Microsoft, hubii and others.

Hubii will officially announce the release of Nahmii, which is powered by Microsoft Azure.

The Nahmii protocol will serve as an interoperability and scalability solution that may improve the performance and usability of the DLT network.

According to reports, Nahmii is based on the Ethereum blockchain and is compatible with DLT platforms that support smart contracts. The developer of the agreement also plans to deploy Nahmii to the Bitcoin blockchain via Rootstock (RSK), a smart contract platform based on the Bitcoin network.

Nahmii aims to increase throughput, provide “near zero” latency, maintain “near-instant” transactional endurance, and provide consistently low transaction fees. Some of Nahmii's main use cases include enhanced gaming applications, IoT devices, transactions, and content distribution.

Toll-Messia is expected to review the origin of hubii during the event. He will also provide more details about Nahmii's features, potential applications, roadmaps, and the Nahmii Foundation.

In 2014, when technology giant Microsoft began accepting bitcoin payments for certain applications and digital content, it became one of the world's first major companies to adopt cryptocurrencies.

Microsoft has also been committed to enterprise blockchain tools and applications. The multinational technology company has released several open source DLT products to enhance the capabilities of its cloud computing platform, Azure.

In recent years, Microsoft has introduced the Azure blockchain Workbench and Azure blockchain services, simplifying the process of building applications on the DLT platform.

Nahmii, based on Microsoft Azure, will allow Microsoft partners and customers to develop software solutions that enable blockchain-based systems to be accessed by businesses around the world.