The volume is falling, is it a dishwashing or a shipment?

The EOS of the oversold rebound continued to adjust. The BTC adopted a step-by-step trend. Only BNB chose to run down again. The market is very entangled, but it has not been able to choose the direction. However, there is a not good phenomenon that is EOS. In the process of falling, there has been a certain amount of heavy volume. Although the decline is not large, it is worthy of vigilance. Observe whether the follow-up will stop and stabilize. If this place is a dishwashing action, then at least one anti-packaged Yangxian will be received today. The oversold rebound can be continued, otherwise it will not be sustainable. The two leading indicators have not shown signs of stopping, so there is only a rebound in the oversold, the strength is limited, the medium-term adjustment is not over, and the rebound will continue to find the bottom.


The BTC still maintains a high point and gradually moves down. This kind of move is easy to play down. In the process of moving down, the volume is released from time to time. The target is under 60 antennas, and now the target's medium-term indicator and The short-term indicators are still downward, and they may choose the direction at any time. At present, they are still above the integer mark of 10,000 US dollars, and the volume of transactions is gradually shrinking. Observe the observation. If there is a heavy-weight Zhongyang line, it means that the target will be Seeking an opportunity to break through, otherwise it may induce more of the target to break below 10,000 US dollars will be re-adjusted, the next target is around 7200-7500 US dollars.


ETH has been oscillating sideways, and there has not been a big drop, but the volume of transactions has been greatly enlarged. It may follow the EOS selection direction. If it breaks through the intensive trading area of ​​$185, it may open the oversold rebound. If you choose to go down, The next strong support for the target is around $150. If there is a heavy volume or a small position at this point, you have not seen the bottom-up signal at this point and wait patiently.


BNB has been in a row for several days. From the previous trend, the target has built a large head and shoulders. It has been confirmed to be a medium-term adjustment trend. There will not be much flexibility even if there is a rebound. I personally think that the target will further explore the search for support. The target may be effectively supported around $18. If there is a small increase in the amount of $18, I will consider the small position to bottom out, which does not constitute a suggestion and pays attention to the risk.


EOS is the Chinese army that rebounded this round. Yesterday's adjustment released the volume. This trend may be a dishwashing. If it is a dishwashing, it should be pulled up today to collect the anti-inclusion line. The market has certain differences here. We think The target's oversold rebound did not finish, the target's first target is around 4.4 US dollars, first reach the target and then see if the rebound can continue. If it can't effectively stop falling near 10 antennas, the rebound will fail. You can do it.

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