Liao Li of Tsinghua University: Blockchain has an exploration value in the field of payment and clearing

On September 12th, Liao Haircut, Executive Vice President of Wudaokou Finance College of Tsinghua University and Dean of the Institute of Financial Science and Technology of Tsinghua University, "Where is the future of financial technology? 》. The article said that in the past decade, China has faced many difficulties such as economic slowdown, industrial restructuring, and enterprise transformation. The rapid development and breakthrough of artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, blockchain and other technologies have improved economic efficiency and society. Innovation and innovation are brought about in all areas. Payment clearing infrastructure as a “pipeline” for the financial system is reflected in financial technology in the areas of mobile payments, blockchain and digital currency. The blockchain and digital currency are not technologically advanced. They are the product of the combination of technological innovations such as cryptography and distributed databases. At present, the central bank digital currency, financial institution settlement currency (such as JP Morgan Coin), stable cryptocurrency ( Libra projects such as USD Coin and Facebook announced that they have received much attention. Blockchain has an explored value in the field of payment and clearing. Under orderly supervision, inclusive supervision promotes innovation and development. In the US's inclusive regulatory environment, Facebook announced the issuance of digital cryptocurrency Libra, which may become the "fundamental currency" of the digital world, which may affect China's renminbi internationalization, monetary policy, foreign exchange policy and so on.