BM: The condensed chain should be considered in the future

On April 15th, BM appeared in the telegraph group and communicated with the community members. The following is a summary of some important contents: 1. Set up the IBC to continuously synchronize the EOS main network account, otherwise the user cannot create a new account online. What is the best way to get IBC running? Is there a specific technical specification? BM responded that Oracle is the best way and Bancor has technical specifications. 2. In the coming year, EOSIO will be much larger than its competitors, and our journey with EOSIO has just begun. 3. Is it possible and sensible to ask if it is possible to consider an inflation-free chain at some point in the future? BM said that I think the condensed chain should be considered in the future. Subsequently, some people said that deflation is not good, and controlled inflation is correct. BM said that it is not a debt-based currency.