It’s better to chase the wind than to create the wind – to pay tribute to the participants in the Ant Blockchain Innovation Competition

We are talking about swords in the West Lake.

What whimsical

What is strange?

Those unscrupulous ideals

Those young Weiguang

You let the dreaming child go to the center of the stage

Let millions of entrepreneurs pursue the light in their hearts

– Excerpt from the 20th anniversary of Alibaba "To pay tribute to Hangzhou"

Twenty years ago, Hangzhou, a city of dreams, read Alibaba's original dream. Twenty years later, the ant blockchain, along with the blockchain windmakers, dreams in the innovation competition. Shan Ming Gu Ying, the wind is rising. Just like the Internet 20 years ago, the cloud computing… 10 block years ago, the blockchain has pushed the era to a technological innovation cycle. From the survey results of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as early as March 2018, the number of blockchain companies serving the financial industry has reached 86, and the number of service blockchain companies for the real economy has reached 109. Meet at the beginning, fall in love. The 9-month ant blockchain innovation contest recruitment and incubation project attracted more than 400 outstanding companies to participate in dozens of industries including new energy, new retail, entertainment network red economy, real estate, logistics and so on. Fortunately, the ant blockchain innovation competition was able to observe the game between "idealism" and "realism."

“Why use blockchain?”

In reality, not all projects can withstand the torture of the soul. Fortunately, most innovators use their ideals to leverage to inspire the future of the blockchain. Looking up the competition, the future has come!

Giant companies build block scenes with blockchains

Some people say that the competition is a competition between SMEs and individuals and even student developers. But in the blockchain field, giant innovators who started with the word "中" are active in this competition.

A few years ago, due to the lack of a three-party information sharing platform for admissions, postal and candidates, China had a scandal of imposing an imposing change to college. China Post’s blockchain system used multi-party trust endorsement to solve multi-party information sharing and credibility. , traceable issues. The first is the college admissions office, which introduces the college entrance examination notice information into the system; the second is the postal EMS, the college entrance examination admission notice mail is completed at the same time as the collection, transfer and delivery operations; the third is the candidate. Use the Alipay applet to query the source of the college entrance examination notice in the real-time query chain.

COSCO Shipping was introduced to the contest by Zhizhi Wanyuan, and the person in charge also came to the demo day of the contest. He had traveled all over the world with the boat. Under IBM and shipping giant Maersk jointly developed the blockchain ecosystem authorities, he determined that COSCO Shipping would lay out the blockchain. I hope to solve the three problems in the blockchain: one is to solve the problem of many circulation links and long process; the other is the safety of cross-border cold chain fresh food, and COSCO Shipping has a global layout, including port integration, etc. Do cross-border cold chain business; third is shipping disputes.

Blockchain-based smart shipping platform

  • The owner can “visualize and trace through the whole process”, and the bank can “accumulate credit and expand cooperation”;
  • Freight forwarders can use smart contracts to “reduce disputes”;
  • Customs can “accelerate the process and be accurate and realistic”, and the ship/ship company can “saving costs and improving efficiency”;
  • External management can “establish a brand and improve business level”;
  • The terminal company can be "fully digital and paperless."

As a result, COSCO Shipping has realized a transition from data silos to data integration.

Industry unicorns use blockchain to improve local pain points

Sturdy horse

As a legendary creature, the unicorn is rare and noble. We use the "unicorn" to describe the explosive growth of various industries. At the same time, the "unicorn" enterprise is also known as the technological innovation in the digital economy era. Concentrated. In the new energy electric piles, power grids, real estate… the wind generators of each industry, strive to use "industry experience + technological innovation", starting from partial changes, and pushing the whole industry.

For example, Shenzhen Mavericks New Energy, whose headquarters is a listed company, stepped into the exclusive office area, and hangs a banner: “Winning the reconciliation this time…” Mavericks technical leader Liu Zonggong, almost in his early years I went to Ali. Because of this fate, he introduced us very kindly: The state encourages the development of new energy vehicles, but there are hundreds of operators of charging piles. Because payment and settlement are not uniform, reconciliation becomes a new restriction. The bottleneck of the charging station. Based on blockchain technology, it provides services such as shared charging unified map, charging unified bill reconciliation, payment settlement, etc., while providing data financial services and after-sales services. Liugong hopes to become the innovation benchmark for new energy charging industry. .

Brooke Power communicated with colleagues in the Open Day of the contest, and they appreciated each other. The contestants have been deeply involved in the power industry for more than ten years. The parent company is also a listed company in the power industry, which has divested the blockchain business to a new startup company. The state encourages market-based means to revitalize social distribution network assets. The project consists of intelligent contracts, equitable distribution of losses, and transparent service fees to establish a clearing system based on blockchain. Establish traceable energy metering books, guarantee the deposit of electricity charges, value-added services, data asset transactions, and provide the basis for loan financing for enterprises.

Startups want to upgrade the industry with blockchain


The first contest Open Day, I saw Xu Ruochen, handsome and hard work, we jokingly called him "the second generation of the house." After receiving a master's degree in international real estate and planning from the University of London in 2012, he entered a real estate developer. He hopes to efficiently intermediate, from the selection of housing to the production license. The buying (transaction) market is full of false advertisements, air specials, misleading consumers; mediating chaos, fraudulent customers, monopoly customers, privacy leaks; contract enforcement disputes, untrustworthy behavior of buyers and sellers greatly increases contract execution costs… he wants to use Real estate came to solve these pain points, for which I handwritten a 36,000-word white paper. He said that he does not have much faith in the blockchain, but he hopes that “by adjusting the production relationship and turning the strong center of the real estate industry into a multi-center, this is a great progress in itself.” In addition to the first-hand house, from the second-hand housing agency The project of credit cuts is equally amazing.

Medical blockchains range from “one-dimensional needs” to “two-dimensional applications”. In addition to the “one-dimensional” requirements of privacy protection and data security, the blockchain has cut into the “two-dimensional” requirements from data to shared collaborative applications, such as solving common human medical problems such as cancer research and genetic analysis.

The game blockchain, go to the future to meet with the "players", and reunion with the "props" in the past. In addition to blockchain games, most projects are expected to develop into game distribution or item trading platforms, in order to escape the cycle of the game life cycle. I once talked with an investor. He said that the project is similar, and the key is to look at the resources behind the project and the strength of the team.

On September 25th at 13:30 pm, Yunqi Conference Geekland venue D1 501 , these outstanding entrepreneurs will compete in the ant blockchain contest finals, and on the afternoon of September 26, Yunqi Conference Block Chain Summit Awards. At that time, I will tell you the innovation one by one, and introduce the windmakers to you…

Those who dare to shoot the sun are the heirs; those who dare to create the wind are innovators. The wind is rising and the clouds are flying, the ant blockchain, with you for the next 20 years!

Author: Ant block chain innovation contest, head Luoqiong Hua (read like)

Source: Ant Block Chain