More than the original chain (Bytom) officially released cross-chain asset exchange tool – Shuttle

It is reported that than the original chain (Bytom) technology development team has developed and tested the completion of the chain asset exchange tool – shuttle. The tool mainly supports the exchange of assets in the chain and the exchange of atoms of different assets on the bytom chain.
The release of Shuttle is a big step over the cross-platform of assets in the original chain. It solves the transactions between different blockchain assets and increases the liquidity of assets. The tool can be used to implement the decentralized asset trading system to solve the problems of intrusion, theft, market manipulation and low transparency brought by the centralized trading system, so that assets can be circulated not only in a single blockchain system, but also through The entire blockchain network.
Compared to the original chain as a public blockchain platform focusing on assets, it provides a secure and stable underlying infrastructure for asset exchange. Assets are exchanged through the currency exchange contract over the original chain, which ensures that the assets are completely decentralized and safe in the exchange process.

Tool address: