Indian Congressman Rajeev Chandrasekhar plans to meet the encryption community to hear the industry's views

According to, Indian Congressman Rajeev Chandrasekhar made some suggestions to the encryption community on the Blockworks podcast program and discussed topics related to the country's encryption ban. The council also plans to work with the Indian encryption community next week. Members meet. Chandrasekhar said: "I actively encourage people to sit with me (for discussion), I have the ability to express their positions and opinions to the government, and hope to persuade them to do the right thing. As for the encrypted cases pending in the Supreme Court of the country, Chandrasekhar admits that he has not studied the case, but only read it in media reports. However, he stressed: "I am very happy to see it, I am even very happy to propose a feasible method, if there is any space. I am very happy to participate. I never refuse to talk to anyone about any technology-related issues.