The origin of the history of capacity certification (PoC): Burstcoin

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Many people may still be confused about the POC concept that may be a big fire this year. And because it is a new consensus mechanism, many people are skeptical about this. Do you feel that the excellent consensus mechanism has been discovered and verified? Now it is coming out again, is it not to show off the concept to swindle money? of?

There is no special purpose today. Let's talk about some things I learned about the POC mechanism.

Is POC a new consensus mechanism? No, it appears earlier than most people enter the currency circle.

In fact, POC is not a new consensus mechanism this year. In fact, this mechanism has been in existence for 14 years. That is to say, it may appear earlier than Ethereum, and it is barely a consensus mechanism belonging to the veteran level in the blockchain field.

The earliest POC was a project called Burstcoin, which was quite a Geek spirit. After the founder threw out the project, it didn't take long for it to disappear, leaving a community in operation. Some people even said that this is a project that Nakamoto has ran out to do. Behind this guess is also a good foothold, because the POC and POW mechanisms seem to be a good brother relationship, POC can be understood as a variant of POW, which I will talk about later. This guess can only be said to be a joke component, but the project is really community-based operation is really fast, but the power is not big enough, and ultimately there is not much wave.

At that time, Burstcoin's consensus was still called Proof of Space (PoS). Even a brief introduction to Burstcoin can be found in Baidu's entry: "PoSpace has been used for Burstcoin cryptocurrency, which was established in August 2014. Burstcoin claims to have a The green algorithm is conducive to the design of small miners, making transaction costs lower and the network more dispersed.” Later, because Proof of Stake was fired, in order to avoid conflicts, the concept of space proof was not very useful, and the concept of Proof of Capacity was used instead. Only then did we have the POC we said today. The word Capacity means capacity, which is generally referred to as hard disk capacity, because in POC mining, you can understand who has a hard disk and who has the advantage of mining, so the POC statement is really quite accurate.

So someone asked, why is Burstcoin not doing this project? In fact, technically speaking, it is definitely a project of conscience, especially in the context of the currency. The main network is also stable today, and the technology accumulation is quite rich. Interested in visiting their official wiki, at, for a very detailed explanation of the POC consensus mechanism and a range of project-related issues. How to see how the high-end Geek community winds!

The next topic notice: Burstcoin did not do it, does it mean that the POC is not good?