Asia blockchain development adds new power! Singapore International Blockchain Center was established

The global digital currency industry's regulatory attitudes vary greatly, and compliance is the only way for blockchain projects. Among them, Singapore, as Asia's largest financial center, and a highly open policy on blockchain and digital currency, has become the best choice for blockchain development and industry registration. Singapore is known for its stable and sound legal and financial environment. Registering funds here in Singapore is safer and more convenient. As a result, more and more companies have chosen to set up non-profit companies in Singapore. Therefore, for projects in the Asian market, Singapore has become the only important and compliant sea node, and is also a crucial stop for the “Belt and Road”; for overseas projects, Singapore has also become Asian Finance. The bridgehead of science and technology.

Recently, the Singapore International Blockchain Center ( SIBC ) was signed in Hangzhou, China . SIBC was founded by Babbitt, Singapore Hangzhou Science and Technology Park and New Zealand Digital Economy Development Foundation. It is committed to providing Singapore with a bridgehead and important node for the Asian blockchain project, providing legal compliance channels and incubation for top international financial technology projects. Accelerated, investment and related industry service support to guide and promote the healthy development of the global blockchain industry.

Along with the rapid development of blockchain technology in recent years, the practical application of blockchain has been gradually carried out around the world. The strategic cooperation reached by the tripartite organizations from China, Singapore and New Zealand will add new impetus to the development of the blockchain.

The rapid development of the blockchain industry has attracted a large influx of entrepreneurs and capital. From start-up companies to mature technology giants, from various investment funds to government regulatory agencies, they have joined the development trend of blockchain. There are many development opportunities. At the same time, as a new industry, the blockchain has also raised new issues for regulators in terms of compliance supervision and investment and financing models.

As one of the largest blockchain industry markets in the world, China's blockchain industry has always been a global leader. The establishment of SIBC will further promote China's blockchain projects to go overseas, reach out to overseas markets, and facilitate the international expansion of projects. .

About the Babit Accelerator (8BTCBoost)

Babbitt, one of the founders of the Barbados International Blockchain Center (SIBC) in Singapore, was founded in 2011, focusing on the blockchain industry. It is currently the earliest in China, the largest in terms of visits, and the industry influence. One of the largest blockchain/digital currency information and data processing service platforms. On June 29, 2018, at the "World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen" Global Summit, the Babbitt Accelerator (8BTCBoost) was formally established. The Babbitt Accelerator used media services as a starting point to further open up community operations and blockchain project incubation. With acceleration, blockchain consulting, blockchain vertical investment funds, and blockchain application services, we will create a technology-driven value Internet to continue to empower new ecosystems, and obtain domestic and overseas projects through professional post-investment and accelerated services. Favor.

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Babbitt's partner

The Babbitt Accelerator revolves around the joint office, industrial innovation and technology community, aiming to become a connector between the blockchain and the real economy, giving the blockchain project media community support and user access services, helping the blockchain project Asia holds online and offline meetup, which is used for financing and exchanges to promote ecological construction.

About Singapore Hangzhou Science and Technology Park

The Hangzhou Science and Technology Park in Singapore is a promising strategic cooperation project built by the Chinese and New Zealand governments in Zhejiang Province. It has a network of government/investment/industry/media resources networks throughout Asia – covering 9 countries, 28 cities, 2600 Home customers are Asia's largest blockchain and gold financial technology community and event gathering place. The project was developed under the leadership of the Singapore Kaide Group. The CapitaLand portfolio spans the diverse real estate sector and operates in more than 200 cities in more than 30 countries.

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The planned area of ​​the Hangzhou Science and Technology Park in Singapore is 43 hectares, with a total construction area of ​​about 1 million square meters. The total investment of the project is about 3.5 billion yuan, and strive to become an efficient and intensive, green and intelligent international community platform.

About the New Zealand Digital Economy Development Foundation

The New Zealand Digital Economy Development Foundation, as part of New Zealand’s cross-government digital economy transformation effort, uses the intellectual property of New Zealand’s universities to industrialize technology, provide research and development funding to research institutions, and actively promotes the connection of New Zealand companies and research institutions to global digital technologies. Together, they play an important role in the fields of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, medical health, etc. The Foundation spans five universities and the Royal Research Institute and seven laboratories. The Amino Network, a 5G edge computing network initiated by the Foundation, will be the first project in the settlement center.

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