People's Post and Telecommunication: Blockchain as an engine of social trust can help traditional industries break through

On September 12, the People's Post and Telecommunications published "5G: Catalyst for the Development of Blockchain and Internet of Things". The article stated that by 2019, the Internet has developed rapidly for 20 years and is pushing the Chinese economy into a new economic era. Driven by D (Big Data), technological innovations consisting of B (blockchain), A (artificial intelligence), S (security services), I (Internet of Things), C (cloud computing), 5G become the new economic trend The “big artery” of new economic trends such as efficiency improvement, process reengineering, management innovation, and industrial upgrading. Blockchain, as an engine of social trust, helps the traditional industry to break through; on the other hand, it can also be used as a fuse to promote technology and technology, enterprises and enterprises, industries and industries to enter a deeper cross-border integration. The universal connectivity and end-to-end transaction capabilities provided by 5G are highly compatible with the blockchain computing model, which makes it easier to implement P2P value exchange, and the blockchain can also meet the data protection requirements in 5G application scenarios.