The data shows that the cost of implementing a 51% attack on the BSV continues to decline, and the current cost is about $6,500.

According to recent media reports, BSV is clearly losing its status as a “real bitcoin” and its supporters are becoming less and less. The latest data shows that the total hash rate of BSV has been declining since its creation. In addition, since the launch of the #WeAreAllHodlonaut campaign by Twitter, its hash rate has fallen by 20%. But the speed of the hash of its direct competitors has more than doubled during the same period. As of press time, the cost of launching a 51% attack on the BSV is only around $6,500. The cost of launching an attack on Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is currently about $25,000, nearly four times the total cost of a BSV. In addition, ETC has recently suffered 51% of attacks, and its cost of performing 51% of attacks is $6,300, which is close to the cost of BSV.