Babbitt column | Why study the "cottage" coins?

It is said that bitcoin is good, and it seems that there is a natural sense of justice. Despising the altcoin seems to be a political correct. I used to do this, holding serious prejudice and often scorning the competition currency as garbage. I changed this year.

When I write articles that are not bitcoin, I often leave a message to the reader saying:

"Please cherish your reputation and don't stand for the altcoin."

I apologize for my own prejudice and mistakes. This year I bought 100 coins, each for 100 yuan. This year, a number of digital currencies have also been systematically studied. I followed the ok, the currency of the coin to list one coin to study.

Bitcoin factions, including BTC, BCH and BSV, have been studied for so long. For me, the content that can be written, the drooping fruit is almost the same. It is getting harder and harder to write.

The development and evolution of the Bitcoin faction has fallen into a serious "contradictory opposition" in the community, and the saying goes that "the mouth cannon". This is too meaningless. Now join the WeChat group of the Bitcoin faction, BTC, BCH and BSV are all full-screen speeches. Foreigners also despise each other on Twitter every day. What everyone likes most is the mistake of the other two coins. Irony has become a daily task for the Bitcoin faction. Even upgraded to political correctness. In fact, protocol evolution, product design, technical discussions, etc., bitcoin faction development is too slow.

The development of blockchain technology will not be terminated due to the inefficiency of the Bitcoin faction. It’s a bit late to jump out of Bitcoin and watch other currencies. Fortunately, the big market has given an excellent position, and the overall market for the competitive currency is at a low price.

The most important reason for focusing on the bitcoin faction in the past is that the development of the blockchain will eventually become "one chain". I started to doubt this point. I have written in detail the reasons for my suspicion here, " Beginning to doubt "one chain is big ". I need to study other currencies carefully to make sure the suspicions are right or wrong.

Protocol upgrades for blockchain products are too difficult. Don't say bitcoin (BTC), hard forks are impossible, and this life is impossible. Ethereum is also engaged in an agreement update, do not know how many years to delay.

Because the blockchain is compatible with all the historical data on the chain and the code on the chain, the longer the time, the heavier the technical debt left. This makes it difficult to update the blockchain to be protocol-based.

The decentralized nature of blockchain products further increases the deployment of protocol updates. Even if the update patch writes the code, it needs superb political wisdom to deploy on the whole network. BTC can even make a few years of small things like 1M block changing to 2M. The Dao incident in Ethereum, even "stealing is not legal" can make a split.

Therefore, once there are some major technological evolution ideas, the tyrannical people choose to start a new chain. The most typical is BM, which has been engaged in BTS, steemit and EOS. There is also SunnyKing, also made a little bit of currency, prime currency and vsys. Gavin Wood, the "CTO" of Ethereum, also jumped out of the Ethereum Foundation and started Polkadot.

Meaningful agreement progress is often born in the form of "cotton currency." After being successfully tested, it may be re-integrated by the mainstream currency, but it may also be the "cotton currency" to complete the edge breakthrough, overtaking the corner.

An important goal of the research blockchain is to invest in making money. Finding a good target is the key to investing. Only find it to find something better.

In the stock market, professional players, research stocks, and more types of stocks to buy. Peter Lynch, the most successful fund manager in history, once set a position to buy 15,000 stocks. 15,000 stocks. Why are you so much? Because Peter Lynch has studied almost all the stocks in the United States and visited the owners of all listed companies in the United States. He can choose a lot of good stocks.

The same is true for buying coins. As long as you study more currencies, you can choose more good coins. Of course, the more you study, the more you will encounter junk coins. In the currency circle, the base of the garbage currency is large, and we need to work harder to find it and find it in a larger base. If you don’t study 500 coins, you are embarrassed to say that you are a currency investor.

Later, I will study a coin a week.

The world's population is too big, more than 7 billion. Now I know that there are many people in the blockchain. I think that people who watch TV online have already come into contact with the concept of blockchain bitcoin. But now there are still a few people who really enter the blockchain.

In this situation, it can only be said that the existing blockchain products are not attractive enough. If the future blockchain can really enter the ordinary public life, then either the current blockchain products must be greatly evolved or perfected, or a new blockchain product will be born.

No matter which one, you must study the entire industry.

Why is it not important to you, what is important is what reality is. Please keep this in mind.

Author: Huang Shiliang

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