5G: Catalyst for blockchain and IoT development

By 2019, the Internet has developed rapidly for 20 years and is pushing the Chinese economy into a new economic era. Driven by D (Big Data), technological innovations consisting of B (blockchain), A (artificial intelligence), S (security services), I (Internet of Things), C (cloud computing), 5G become the new economic trend The “big artery” of new economic trends such as efficiency improvement, process reengineering, management innovation, and industrial upgrading. Blockchain, as an engine of social trust, helps the traditional industry to break through; on the other hand, it can also be used as a fuse to promote technology and technology, enterprises and enterprises, industries and industries to enter a deeper cross-border integration.

At the 2019 China International Intelligent Industry Expo Blockchain Summit Forum held recently, Dr. Jin Jian, the director and researcher of the Institute of Industrial Internet and Internet of Things, China Information and Communication Research Institute, conducted a lecture titled “Blockchain+5G+……: Creating Numbers Speech on the New Infrastructure in the Economic Age.

Jin Jian said that after the development and precipitation of blockchain technology in recent years, the application path is becoming clearer, but the blockchain technology still faces challenges such as computing, network bandwidth, network participation role, application scenarios, etc., and needs new network environment support. Its large-scale application.

At present, the global development of 5G as an important strategy, actively promote 5G commercial. 5G supports large bandwidth, low latency, large connections, and offers a wide range of differentiated services. Industrial Internet is to achieve full-factor connection, more machines, terminals, equipment, etc. will access the network and interoperate. The development of 5G is to fully open the "Internet of Everything" and form the ubiquitous ability of connection and transaction. 5G also brings rich application scenarios to the blockchain. The universal connectivity and end-to-end transaction capabilities provided by 5G are highly compatible with the blockchain computing model, which makes it easier to implement P2P value exchange, and the blockchain can also meet the data protection requirements in 5G application scenarios.

It is believed that the new generation information network built with 5G technology will be the catalyst for the development of blockchain and Internet of Things. 5G combines artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data and other technologies to gradually promote the construction of new infrastructure in the digital economy era, and promote profound changes in production organization, resource allocation efficiency, and management service model. As a key support for the development of the digital economy, the new basic service facilities are characterized by high speed, intelligence, ubiquity, security and green. They will promote the deep integration of applications in all walks of life, create a new value system for the digital economy, and stimulate more new demands. New products and services, creating new formats and new models.

For the new infrastructure, the industrial Internet logo resolution system is the basis. It gives intelligent “identity cards” to digital objects in the new generation of information networks, and enables them to be “find” and “understood”, and the application of blockchain technology will make “identity cards” unified. The distribution moves towards the independent demand distribution model, which can better meet the needs of people's life and production, and enable people to realize the beautiful vision of “life is production”.

China Information and Communication Research Institute is an important support unit of the country in the field of information and communication. It has conducted in-depth research and forward-looking layout on information technology such as 5G, blockchain and industrial Internet. The Industrial Internet and Internet of Things Research Institute is a new research institute established by China Xintong Institute to build an industrial Internet infrastructure and break through core technologies. It focuses on the key resources and basic services of cyberspace and provides support for the top-level design of the national industrial Internet identification analysis system. Responsible for the construction and operation of the top nodes of the country. Among them, one of the top-level nodes of the five industrial Internet logos settled in Chongqing, and the contract was started on December 1, 2018, and officially launched at the end of the same year. China ICT Industrial Internet and Internet of Things Research, so the industrial Internet logo analysis of the country's top node (Chongqing) as the core, will comprehensively apply 5G, blockchain technology, etc., promote the construction of new infrastructure in Chongqing and the western region, and help upgrade the traditional infrastructure The level of intelligence will further “link new industries and build new ecosystems” to promote the integration of digital economy and real economy.

Author: Yang Dance

Source: People's Post and Telecommunication