Getting started with blockchain | Blockchain and the past and present of the "big pie"

After introducing the blockchain to parents , will they let you go? Anyway, my parents didn't, and then began to ask: What is the relationship between the blockchain and the speculative Token? Especially the bitcoin, what is it?

This reminds me of the most impressive introduction to the blockchain industry. To understand the blockchain, you must start with a pie.

I looked awkward, "Big pie? Is that the cake that I ate?" Later, when I asked these two words, I discovered that it was a nickname for Bitcoin in the blockchain industry.

I have heard Bitcoin a few times before, and I always thought it was a kind of game currency. I thought about the blockchain and the blockchain. What is the relationship with the currency? After two months of entry, although I still don't know about the various coins, I can simply talk about the relationship between the blockchain and Bitcoin. What is the source?

01 Bitcoin and Blockchain – "Chicken and Egg"

Why do bitcoin and blockchains, like chickens and eggs? This has to be discussed in the order of the birth of the blockchain and bitcoin.

In October 2008, the term bitcoin was first proposed , and a man named Nakamoto published an article "Bitcoin – a peer-to-peer electronic cash system." In January 2009, the first bitcoin was born.

I have to explain that this is a kind of virtual currency. It is not sold in kind . I don't know if it is easy to make a joke. For example, for a while, I really want to know what Bitcoin looks like. I went to Baidu to search and searched out a bunch of pictures. I always thought that it was such a golden coin that was tens of thousands and saw a colleague holding a picture. The coins in the picture were taken, and my eyes were lighted, but later I learned that bitcoin is not real, it is just a concept map of a commemorative coin.

After the birth of Bitcoin, it attracted some attention. They found that Bitcoin is a good thing. There are many characteristics of cash that modern society does not have. They continue to study it. After a few years, they found that Bitcoin uses a special underlying layer. Technology, they called this technology "blockchain" .

So simply from the order of view, the relationship between Bitcoin and blockchain is just like "chicken and egg". It is the saying that no one appears first. It may be the same time, but it is only a matter of time.

02 bitcoin and blockchain – table and wood

From a technical point of view, the blockchain is known as the underlying technology of bitcoin, and bitcoin is the first application of the blockchain.

So bitcoin and blockchain are equivalent to the relationship between table and wood. The earliest people found a beautiful table. Later, the material of this table was found to be a good wood. It can also be used to make chairs, cabinets and boxes. and many more.

Bitcoin is a type of virtual currency, and blockchain is a book based on bitcoin discovery . After many people have seen the value of the two, they want to take Bitcoin as their own. Maybe they will make money someday. Therefore, there are phenomena such as “speculating Token” and “opening trading platform”, and others want to use the district. Blockchain technology seized the opportunity to start a business, changing the world like the Internet at the time, so there has been a blockchain industry that is currently in full swing.

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