Gongxinbao Operations Director: This time (blocked) is mainly due to the crawler business, the blockchain business has little impact

According to the block rhythm news, Xu Xinpeng, the director of the operation of Gongxinbao, responded to the GXChain community today, confirming the seizure, and said that the company’s CEO Huang Minqiang is still cooperating with the investigation, and the receipt or receipt of the Brock City influences. Xu Xiaopeng mentioned that most of the employees have already returned home, and the follow-up will handle the work at home. This time (blocked) is mainly due to the crawler business, and the blockchain business has little impact. The wallet in Bullock City is normal. At the same time, he mentioned that the quantitative product of the currency determination will be affected by the fact that the current currency is on the exchange, and the process of withdrawing money from the exchange to the Brock City in the later period of the product requires the company CEO Huang Minqiang to verify the Google. Code authorization, but Huang Minqiang is still in contact with the investigation and has not been able to get in touch.