Libra Association COO: We promise the central bank not to create money, not to do banking work.

Bertrand Perez, managing director and chief operating officer of the Libra Association, said in an interview that the Libra Association currently has 28 members and will target 100 members next year. At present, we are completing the development of the charter, which may be completed in the next few weeks. The specific selection criteria will be selected according to the company's activity areas (non-governmental organizations, commercial companies, blockchain organizations). Once the charter is confirmed, we will ask the association. Members must fund our development and each member must provide at least $10 million. In response to questions about how to invest in reserves and reserves, it said that the reserve will invest in a basket of currencies and short-term government debt (less than a year) in these countries, and will also work with more than a dozen banks to protect reserves. monetary assets. In addition, it also stated that we assured the central bank that we did not intend to create money, not to do banking work.