Anthony Pompliano said that the fundamentals of Bitcoin are strengthening and the community has different opinions.

According to U.Today, Morgan Creek Digital co-founder Anthony Pompliano said on Twitter that the fundamentals of Bitcoin continue to grow stronger. However, the community's reaction has diverged, indicating that not all encryption enthusiasts believe in Bitcoin's positive prospects as a leader in the encryption market. Encryption analyst Rhythm said that bitcoin computing power is now eight times the 2017 high of 2017. However, some people disagree, and in their view, computing power has become a thing of the past. An XRP fan pointed out that bitcoin has more disadvantages than other cryptocurrencies, including slower verification of transactions on the BTC chain, which can take a long time to complete. On Wednesday, Anthony Pompliano posted a message on Twitter, trying to find out how many fans agreed that McDonald's should start accepting Bitcoin. This topic sparked heated discussions, but XRP fans insisted that McDonald's should accept faster cryptocurrencies, such as XRP, because bitcoin transactions are too slow and food will cool when confirmed.