Market observation: Bitcoin shock consolidation, ATOM, DASH rose

The BFX.NU researcher of the futures platform said today that Bitcoin also ushered in a wave of rising prices as the Mid-Autumn Festival approached. After rising in the morning, it fell slightly and continued to fluctuate within a narrow range. The mainstream currencies varied. Among them, ATOM and DASH performed more prominently. ATOM rose nearly 26% in 24 hours, and DASH rose nearly 13% in 24 hours. In the futures market, the mainstream currency futures sector, ETH, EOS, LTC, ZEC and other types of contracts, the situation of lightening at night is still relatively obvious, while the contracts such as ALGO, ETC and XRP show short-term Masukura status. In the platform currency futures sector, the HT contract continued to maintain the position of Masukura in the evening. The short-term Masukura scale decreased earlier, while the BNB and OKB contracts maintained the lightening position. Among them, the BNB contract short position distribution dominated, and the long-term day continued to lighten up. .