Twitter selection: Twitter row csw is getting stronger and stronger, cz joins the battle; Youtube first network red stationed in the blockchain live broadcast platform


Twitter row csw is getting stronger

After publicly claiming to remove the BSV and accusing Ownen Cong as a liar, the founder of the currency, Zhao Changpeng, once again declared his support for the British host Peter McCormack (previously Peter received a csw lawsuit because he repeatedly called csw a fake copy on Twitter. letter)

Zhao Changpeng: I fully support you Peter.

I will not stand technically, we let the market decide. I am only against fraud, such as calling myself someone.

I firmly believe that: CSW is a liar.

Bitrefill Chief Operating Officer John Carvalho commented on Zhao Changpeng:

I knew that it was a liar. Why did you go online?

Translator's comment: BCH, BSV community packages are looking forward to seeing cz or not to get off the bsv. (eat melon)


Bitcoin forum topic

Google data shows that people will buy bitcoin at 30,000 knives instead of 3,000 knives. People will only buy after the price of bitcoin has risen.

Have a comment reply: This makes sense. A price study has shown that the best time to buy a BTC in terms of risk-reward is when it has risen by 20% because the FOMO effect makes the profit relatively positive.


94 million fans of Youtube first network red join blockchain live broadcast platform

PewDiePie is the world's most popular YouTuber network red, has joined the blockchain-based live platform DLive.

The 29-year-old Swedish content creator has signed an "exclusive" live streaming agreement with the platform. His YouTube channel has 93.7 million users, and his recent videos have received 4 million views in less than 24 hours.

DLive uses its native token "Lino Points" to reward content creators and viewers.

In February 2018, Lino raised $20 million to create a “block of YouTube on the blockchain” in the private token sales led by the Real Fund.

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